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‘LoveCine Drive-in’, in the parking lot of Jeunesse Arena, in Barra da Tijuca. Photo: Disclosure.
‘LoveCine Drive-in’, in the parking lot of Jeunesse Arena, in Barra da Tijuca. Photo: Disclosure.

The return of Drive-in: a fun and “meetings” amid Pandemic

Experiences will bring ‘LoveCine Drive-in’ to life, in the parking lot of Jeunesse Arena, in Barra da Tijuca

In the open, born the ‘LoveCine Drive-in’, the visionary project that will promote experiences, “Meetings” and of course, lot of fun, amid a pandemic - respecting, all remoteness and preventive measures determined by the competent authorities. Cinema is not just a detail, is part of a set of activities that will happen in the parking lot of Jeunesse Arena, in Barra da Tijuca.

The season takes place between 28 May and 28 of June, and the month of lovers will be entitled to a date for two, romance and emotion. Cinema, Concerts and presentations, in an adapted way, will make moviegoers and fans cuddle, and hope that this challenging moment will pass.

Following all WHO safety standards, and authorized by the Rio de Janeiro events sector, LoveCine will offer from Thursday to Sunday, three guaranteed fun sessions per day (each lasting for 4 hours). Capacity is approximately 180 cars per session, and the ticket price will be R $ 100 per vehicle.

”Let's do what we already promote on a daily basis, during the year: ‘Encounters’. For people to have a moment of decompression, we are trying to develop and have the reference of a world where we could have this type of relationship, where he kept the social distance, through some bulkhead. LoveCine Drive-in has that nostalgic footprint, like the late Lagoa Drive-in”, reveals André Barros, founding partner of Party Industry.

Romantic Fridays, Saturdays of Suspenses and Sundays of Glory, are some of the creative themes that will be part of the lives of the cariocas and city dwellers, in this short period of 20 days. From Happy Hour to dawn, attractions promise to liven up the cars parked on site. Attractions range from children's musicals, DJs, covers, among others. And with all the country's cinemas closed, the films shown are being designed especially for each audience, going through the romantic classics, suspense, action, even the most current.

”We think a lot too, not letting Valentine's Day go blank. Each in your car, but with the possibility of interacting even at a distance. And, at least remember how good it is to be close, through a living experience, during this pandemic – Of course, with all the security requirements. Ser no Jeunesse Arena, that is completely bare, sem poste, without tree, and without any visual obstacles, we can achieve full visibility of the area. These 4h will not be just to show a movie (where we will have the box office champions), since, let's mix it with show and djs, well low profile. In order to enchant without letting it become commercial, have to be intimate. Our less is more, but it never ceases to be amazing”, complements André Barros.

The project is an extension of what the creators have been promoting all year, with parties linked to unforgettable experiences, like the Allegria Box, New Year's Eve at Morro da Urca, Hotel Nacional and Carnival parties, until New Year's Eve, The Rock Bar, among other parties.

Service: LoveCine Drive-in
Local: Jeunesse Arena Parking - Barra da Tijuca
Date: From 28 de Mayo, three sessions a day
Tickets: R$ 100 per vehicle
Pre sale: www.lovecine.com.br

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