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The Vortex - immersive installation and video art by Vicente Martos.
The Vortex - immersive installation and video art by Vicente Martos.

“The Vortex”

The Immersive Installation will be available for free on an online platform.

The Vortex is a form that is unique in water or air, starting point for the show that became an immersive installation, under the conception of Vicente Martos.

With art direction by Vinicius Dantas, “The Vortex”Was walking to debut in physical space, but due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, needed to be adapted for an online version, with the challenge of making the viewer feel intrinsically, part of that performance, this time as a virtual visitor. A video art entitled Vortex-Cortex will also be launched, directed by Ego Sum Frank and photography by Luciana Ramin.

The show will take place in different environments of the artist's home, weekly viewers will be able to access a new room, in each space an exclusive performance will be presented, that aestheticizes the body and its relationship with childhood memories.

For a more refined experience, the public will also be able to check the performance using virtual reality glasses, that will allow a more intimate and dynamic access, from angles shot with 360º cameras.

Presentation schedule:

23/07 – Kitchen
30/07 – Quintal
06/08 – Room
11/08 – Room
13/08 – Movie release: Vortex- Cortex
20/08 – AUTO VIDEO Office: video performance practices (Oswald de Andrade Workshop)
21/08 – Workshop Construction of virtual reality glasses (Secretariat of Culture and Education Suzano)

About the artist and team:

VICENTE MARTOS is a performance artist, researcher and producer, having participated in festivals, shows and exhibitions in São Paulo and other states in the country. Graduated in Body Arts Communication (PUC/SP, 2009) and is a master in Performing Arts at PPGArC / UFRN (Natal/RN, 2019). His research focuses on staging from the body and its aesthetic and erotic developments, in dialogue with other media and technologies, be they communication, imaging or interaction. Among his main works are the multimedia performances Letters to Renato Cohen (São Paulo, 2014/2018), This is not a party (Natal/RN, 2019) and Baby Shower, (São Paulo, 2019). He also has experience as an art educator in workshops related to the art of Performance. Currently, lives and produces in São Paulo, where it establishes productive partnerships with other artists and technology professionals in the creation and execution of projects.

The immersive installation O VÓRTICE is an authorial project by Vicente Martos that researches autobiographical narratives from archival materials. The work has a precious team formed by the following artists: Luciana Ramin, photographer, editor and video maker, director of Grouping Andar7; Monica Augusto, actress, Yoga director and teacher, director and founder of Dual Companhia de Dança; Raiany Sinara, musician, composer and DJ; Rita Cavassana, performance artist, Director, cultural researcher and producer; Vinicius Dantas, visual artist, designer and researcher, responsible for the art direction and interaction technologies of the project; I'm FRANK, visual artist and art director in audiovisual productions.

Realization: Secretary of State for Culture, PROACTIVE BUSINESS 01/2019 Creation and circulation of an unprecedented show – Teatro

Support: Oficina Cultural Oswald Andrade, Suzano Secretary of Culture, Guarulhos Department of Culture and Education

Partnership: LABPerformance UFRN

Spectacle: The Vortex
Web site: www.vicentemartos.com/ovortice
Age Range: Free



The Vortex – immersive installation and video art
Design and performance: Vicente Martos
Art direction: Vinicius Dantas

Duration: 25 min.
Direction: I'm FRANK
Photography and video editing: Luciana Ramin

Music: Raiany Sinara
Costumes: Barbara Moreira
Body preparation: Monica Augusto
vocal preparation: Thiago Furlan
Production: Rita Cavassana
Press Office: Fame Office

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