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A sculpture Luster, Marcos Amaro, will be on display at the Inner House Museum Ema Klabin Garden. Foto Stefânia Sangi.

Work series "Conversations with My Father" Marcos Amaro will be exposed in the House-Museum Ema Klabin

Opening of the exhibition takes place on Saturday, 9 November, às 14h, the series Contemporary Range. The artist also participates in a chat about his work

The House-Museum Ema Klabin promotes 9 November to 15 December series Contemporary range. The guest is the artist Marcos Amaro, presenting chandelier sculpture.

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The work, produced in Brazil as soon as the artist returned from a booming season in Belgium, part series "Conversations with My Father", in which Amaro approaches again fraternal character objects, throwing them a new sense. The artist is the son of former president of TAM Linhas Aéreas, Rolim Amaro (1942-2001).

If there were phases in which he linked to the father's memories by chunky pieces, Amaro back here to penetrate ordinary objects, taking plaster, ink, sand, cement and other rustic materials to meet such items regarded as remarkable. Syringes of penicillin appear between incinerated materials by artist, in a precise association between the wars, time when that substance was discovered and when the Klabin family moved from Europe to Brazil in seeking to get rid of memories or future uncertain.

According to the exposure curator, journalist Ana Carolina Ralston, the chandelier that now breaks down the sumptuous villa designed by Alfredo Ernesto Becker engineer-architect in the mid 1950 to house the collection of Ema Klabin could easily have been part of the decoration at the time created by Terri Della Stuffa into space.

To ela, the shadow that is immersed today, however, shows your current proposal, placing it under an oblique perspective - search means re-close emotional memories.

Series "Contemporary Range”:

The series “Contemporary range” invites artists to create works that interfere in the internal courtyard of the House-Museum Ema Klabin. The works installed in this space are a counterpoint to the collection acquired by Ema Klabin, entering the debate of a contemporary production in the course of the visit, making room for this range covers a different experience and enable a new look before this collection and its interference.

Art-Chat with artist Marcos Amaro:

Who wants to know more about the work and the work of artist Marcos Amaro, he and curator Ana Carolina Ralston participate in a chat, free, the exposure opening day, 9 November, at 3:0 pm.

Contemporary range: Luster exposure – series "Conversations with My Father" Marcos Amaro.
Curated By: Ana Carolina Ralston
Coordination Visual Arts: Rene Foch
General Coordination: Paulo Costa
Opening of the Exhibition: 09/11/2019, to 14h - Free admission.
-Papo art with the artist: 09/11/2019, Free admission to 15h-.
Date of Exhibition: 09/11/2019 to 15/12/2019
Visits to the Museum and exhibition: From Wednesday to Sunday, from 14h to 18h. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays free admission. In the other days $ 10.00.
Local: House Museum Ema Klabin
Address: Portugal Street, 43 -Jardim Europa, São Paulo


Marcos Amaro:

Marcos Amaro was born in São Paulo (SP) in 27 September 1984. It entrepreneur, patron and artist. Studied economics at the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) and graduated in philosophy at GENS Institute of Education and Culture. He was a member of TAM Linhas Areas Board and highlighted in the Brazilian optical industry, as a pioneer national representative of the Swiss brand TAG Heuer and the French Alain Mikli, plus owner Carol's Optical Network, between 2008 and 2013. As a draftsman and sculptor, He held exhibitions in major museums and cultural centers in Brazil and participated in international fairs, as SP-Arte, Art Basel art e Zurich. Ahead of Marcos Amaro Foundation (FMA) and Museum of Art Factory Marcos Amaro (FAME), supports projects and art and culture. It is also a partner of the companies V2 Investments, LogBras and Kogan Gallery Amaro, with units in São Paulo and Zurich, and creator of the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture Latin American (Blend), to be opened in the interior still under 2019. Currently, He is director of the Contemporary Art Institute (IAC), the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (Mube), the Contemporary Art Museum of Sorocaba (MACS), Institute Foundation Iberê Camargo and the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo (MAM).

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