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34th music workshop of Curitiba. Photo: Doreen Marques.

Curitiba Music Workshop extends registration to 90 courses

Registration for the 34th Curitiba Music Workshop have been extended for the day 15 November. A Bureau of happens 7 to 27 January 2016, still has 90 courses with job openings in the areas of classical music, old, música popular, technological and in the city's Regional. Entries must be made through the website www.oficinademusica.org.br.

The opportunity is unique mainly for candidates who need to undergo selection, says Janet Andrade, classical music coordinator of the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba. "The remaining vacancies will be opened again for the less popular courses, but for the most sought-registration must be made at this time ", recalls Janet.

Among the 90 courses open to entries 12 They are in the early music area, 23 in classical, 34 na categoria de música popular, 7 music and technology and for Curitiba Regional still exist 12 courses. In this issue, the opening of early registrations in a month and now extended, brought even easier for students. "We want to ensure the participation of all. With this extended time students can be programmed and arrange for the month of January can participate in the workshop ", Janet guarantees.


For those who do a course the cost is $ 130, two courses to R $ 150 e R$ 180 for three courses distributed in two phases. The value of short courses is $ 50 and registration for the courses in the Regional Administrations out by R $ 10. The Children and Youth Choir Practice courses are free.

The 34th Curitiba Music Workshop is sponsored by City Hall, Cultural Foundation of Curitiba through the Curitiba Institute of Art and Culture (ICAC).



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