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Installation "Wave of Life" in Denmark Debora Muskat. Photo: Personal collection.

"Wave of Life", Debora de Muscovite, It is invited Expo Artivismo in Paraisópolis

Artist participates in Artivism Route Week 2019 Brazil and Denmark

São Paulo, November 2019 - No day 23 November, between 9h and 17h, Debora Muskat and Glass Through Space are invited to the Expo Artivismo, in Paraisópolis, zone south of São Paulo, during the Slum Summit, Canal Transformers. With work created for her in partnership with students of the training workshops that promotes community and Parelheiros, installation brings "Wave of Life" – symbolically rescues the pieces thrown into the sea and passes through several glass states, turning them into birds and bringing them back to nature.

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The partnership Artivism Rout Week with the wave of Life happens with the Slum Summit, Canal Transformers, event that officially launches the G-10 of the slums - first meeting of the leaders and entrepreneurs of several Brazilian communities, for the signature of a Protocol for Cooperation and Guidelines for Sustainable Economic Development these urban areas. Installing Deborah Muscat is the idea behind the union by communities, once through art and engaging people adhere to necessary causes.

"Just as we, The glass can also be constantly changing, seeking a fairer way of being together in nature ", comments Production of Débora. "We want people to realize that they can make a difference, each with its action. Everyone can take control of their lives ", complements the artist who believes the glass as well as sustainable also has objective and social argument. The exhibition is a partnership with Simon Felippe, creator of Route Brazil and Artvism Week Route Project which operates in causes of environmental preservation and social inclusion.

creator of Space Through Glass, opened in 2011, Deborah promotes free training workshops provided 2001 and aims to train technicians in the glass art for enxerguem the material a new form of income. "A community can be revitalized through the glass. In a community action with the disposal of the population itself. It is able to turn that place on a screen, with art ", explains Deborah. Exposure beyond the week of Artivismo, the Space Through Glass Paraisópolis also chosen as the next core to receive furnaces for glassmaking training and expertise of the art. The action also aims to delight and raise awareness in the community with the magical powers of the vitreous matter and the benefits it can bring to society.

While on Brazilian soil Deborah takes a Wave of Life to the community Paraisópolis, in Denmark it comes with artivismo in city mall. "We have financial support from the cultural area there and also shopping. And that's where all the inhabitants are, especially with the cold November ", says Deborah, it also states that art should go where everyone and not just for the aprecidadores.

Resident of the country for two years, she points out how it can be complementary to the homeland: "My first installation in Denmark was the Tree of Life, on the facade of immigrant school, where I had to go, like so many others from different countries to learn the language ", says. "At first, my work had a great estrangement, but it became a no language conversations space. The playful language putting people in touch ", tells the artist, who believes that Brazil and Denmark are complemented by their differences and, how humans, always have knowledge to share.

"I have a sustainable way of looking at the world in a very Brazilian way, because it is what I am. In Brazil we turned everything, we have to waddle and hunting with cats to make things happen and this makes us artists. And art is salvation for all. Either here or in Denmark ", explica Muszkat.

Plastic artist, in 1984 Debora discovered the art of glass. "When the glass breaks everyone is scared. And only we fear what we do not know to relate. This material can be a great teacher, friend of man in nature, if we respect the time and the glass needs, we can create amazing things ", comments. "All the time we deal with glass. In the window, I do not flake, in the bathroom. It is part of nature, is 100% recyclable. And you can turn into wonderful things. Is enchanting, can be water and light. Stirs our senses, we catch '.

"Wave of Life" Debora Muskat comes Paraisópolis
Local: Social Pavilion (Itamotinga street, 41, Paraisópolis - Sao Paulo, SP)
Date: 23/11
Time: 9h às 17h

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