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Pablo Rios Souto Maior

Pablo Rios Souto Maior is a Visual Artist.

Pablo Rios Souto Maior is a Visual Artist.

Pablo Rios Souto Maior

I was born in Maceió-AL, 34 years (05/1981), married.

I served the Navy of Brazil for almost 5 years (2000 to 2004), what gave me the opportunity to know some Brazilian cities, which that spent more time was in Rio de Janeiro 3 and a half years.

I returned to Maceió in late 2004, and I started working professionally with art from 2006, in a decorating store in which I was responsible for the whole production line of art as painting on ceramics, fabrics, mdf boards, Wall painting, draw, cut and benefit from sculptures in mdf, Assembly of luminaires in ceramic vases and restorations. Most of the parts were custom made with customization according to preference and customer specifications. In that period I developed multiple skills in many areas of manufacturing.

Since 2010 work as a freelancer and still answer some customers seeking the store where I worked for restorations of pieces and new works also.

I participated in some local exhibitions of which I highlight one in 2010 in Pierre Chalita Museum (Maceió-AL) and at the end of 2014 in the first exhibition of contemporary art of Alagoas in the inauguration of the cultural complex of the Teatro Deodoro.

Africana in colors.

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Maceió – Alagoas
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  1. Pablo Rios Souto Maior is a Visual Artist


  2. Fantastic works of Pablo Rios, I've had the opportunity to see him creating.

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