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Lecture: Sacred literature as Cultural Artistic Heritage

José de Anchieta, Apóstolo do Brasil. Foto: Divulgação.

José de Anchieta, Apostle of Brazil. Photo: Disclosure.

A Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo promotes a free lecture that will talk about “Sacred literature as Cultural Artistic Heritage”.

The word is more than the shell of thought, She is the very essence of human identity. Taking ownership of the word is to be and act upon and with the world. In excess of humanity that allows, arises, as a possibility the meeting with the Holy. So very special, the Literature reveals a privileged place for building relationships over time, with the space and with the divine. Of these relationships emerge plural visions of ourselves, as in walk for the deepest encounter with what is totally Other.

The lecture will allow public approach with the literary text, seen not just as a space for construction of identities (personal, artistic and cultural), but also as a monument of expression and polemização of the sacred and the human itself.

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Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Landeira, Ph.d. in language and Education, from the University of São Paulo and master of Letters, from the same University, He graduated in Letters from the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. Has extensive experience in the study of the relations and confluences between art, Literature and sacred, area which has made an important field of study. He is firmly convinced that the literary text as human's closest is, the more dessacralizado and outside the Cathedral of culture recommended him to usually empty, more will participate to achieve the fullness and more human approach this Transcendent human. In addition, believes that the piece of knowledge of literature is essential key for the knowledge of the other expressions of art, like painting and sculpture, music etc. This search between the interrelationships of art fields is at the center of this lecture.

When: 11/02 (Thursday)

Time: 19H30 at 9:30 pm

Inscriptions: www.museuartesacra.org.br

Information: (11) 5627.5393

Local: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo
Address: Av. Tiradentes, 676 – Light | Subway Tiradentes
Free parking (or access alternative): Rua Jorge Miranda, 43

At the end of the course the student will receive the certificate.


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