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Paola Bonelli organizes an exhibition of an artist from the portal Um Olhar


Paola Bonelli, “art dealer” do portal A look, open exhibition artist Pat Freire no BOHÖ Cultural Space, Leblon

The One Look portal, as the name points, has digital DNA. When the pandemic came to an end, your creator, Paola Bonelli, saw the opportunity to hold intimate exhibitions of the artists she represented in the charming Espaço Cultural BOHÖ, installed in the heart of Leblon. It's what will happen on the day 17 August, when the artist Pat Freire presents her individual with watercolors and oil paintings in the space of Ana Grynberg. This is the second event held by Paola Bonelli – in March of this year, artist Deborah Netto exhibited her work in the same place, with a lot of repercussion.

“In my process, the placement of paint on the canvas starts without a previous study, no drawing or sketch. I usually produce gestures using spatulas with the intention of bringing the paint to the canvas in an intuitive way., in order to allow an initial composition.”, explains Pat Freire.

“My whole process related to painting begins with a stimulus, which can be a color, a lived experience, a memory. I don't know exactly when or how this realization happens., or even how the connections between the mental image and the painting begin to give meaning to the gestures and vice versa. Smears appear in the overlays of paint layers. Though I know how to provoke these stains, I don't control them. As ink spreading progresses (like in a ritual), this image becomes stronger and what at first seemed ghostly becomes movement, not just in gestures, but also on the results of color overlays and marks on the screen surface. It's as if the body can follow the movement of this image in the mind, chasing her, perhaps with the intention of bringing it to a new reality”, complements.

The reunion with painting in Patricia Freire's canvases – by Angela Âncora da Luz (art history and theory teacher, Art critic and researcher at the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at EBA/UFRJ)

Pat Freire's art is the daily conquest of painting itself in the traditional techniques of oil on canvas.. Its basis is what Kandinsky called the Inner Necessity Principle.. Impossible not to feel the color, we do not experience the intimate joy of its fruition, aware of the emotion it provokes in us. His compositions seek horizontality, with a very particular color in which, on a slope, we are provoked by certain harmonies of contrasts and, in the other, for the rest of the monochromes. His works are not figurative, but have the iconic residue. It is as if Patricia were to cut out a piece of nature that surrounds us and take it to the microscope of her sensitivity to make us observe each blade.. we are faced with “heavens”, “winds”, “Sands”, “seas”, “cosmic spaces”, all this to make us realize that we are rediscovering the painting. Here lies your secret. Pat's painting is air, water, fire and earth, in motion or at rest. It is constitutive of our own elements. It's body and soul, matter and spirit.

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Learn more about Pat Freire

Plastic Artist with a BA in Painting from the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ, with works exhibited in several galleries and art institutions in Brazil and abroad, including: National Museum of Fine Arts / RJ, Candido Mendes Gallery/RJ, Sesc Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro; UFF/Niterói Art Gallery; Blackheath Gallery/Londres; Gallery Aritza/Bilbao; Néret-Minet/Paris auction. Received a Residency Scholarship at the International Landscape Workshop- Blanca / Spain. Master by the Contemporary Studies of the Arts Program at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), with a search title “Looking in Trance: On the Nature of Painting as Reconnection with the World”, The focus of this research is on our connection to nature and our ability to observe and perceive its influences on our behavior.. Painting as a means of visualizing this process that mixes artistic work and relationships with the environment.

A look: in 2022, more than a decade

conceived by art dealer Paola Bonelli and first in the segment in Brazil, the Um Olhar portal completed a decade in 2022. Faithful to the proposal of being a plural space, last year the “Um Olhar do Artista” seal was created, with a series of podcasts that launched – literally – the eyes of artists of different styles and generations. Then came the series “Um Olhar do Curador” and “Um Olhar do Architect”, always with renowned professionals giving their testimonials exclusively.

To platform, which was a pioneer in offering its users the possibility to browse a virtual art gallery and purchase works at affordable prices, is constantly renewing itself. News from the art field, design, architecture and literature, by journalist Andréia Durão, reverberate openings of exhibitions, book launches and concert premieres that take place inside and outside the country.


Pat Freire Exhibition

Opening: day 17 August, on wednesday, at 4:00 pm

Visitation: until 27 th November of 2022

Local: BOHÖ Cultural Space

Address: Rua Rainha Guilhermina, 249/201 – Leblon

Time: from Monday to Friday, from 1 pm to 5:30 pm

Portal A look

Address: www.umolhar.net

Instagram: /umolharnet.real

Facebook: /a.real.look

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