Paola Milar

Paola Milar é Artista Plástica.

Paola Milar is a Plastic Artist.

Paola Milar

Born in Montevideo, In Uruguay 1974 and 2014 Radica in Florianópolis.

In 2009 started your training as an artist from drawing-related studies, painting and sculpture in the city of Punta del Este, Uruguay and continued them until today.

Nature lover, started your inspiration painting "ocean waves" and then tried a new step with abstract painting expressing different emotions, perceptions and sensations.

In Uruguay, He studied at the Atelier V. Jones and D. Vicente and Mariana Fromm Workshop.
In Florianópolis, He studied drawing at the art Department of UFSC (DAC) and attends workshops “Language experiments in painting” the integrated Center of Culture, taught by professor Jayro Schmidt.

Had his works exhibited in:

2012 – Cantegril Country Club (Punta del Este, Uruguay);

2013 – House of culture (Maldonado, Uruguay);

2014 – Casa de Noca (Florianópolis, Brasil);

2015 and 2016 – Restaurant Kitchen and art (Florianópolis, Brasil);

2016 and 2017 – He participated in collective exhibitions in QuinTALL (Florianópolis, Brasil);

2017 – At, Artistic Collective – Group exhibition "XI national Salon Victor Meirelles *" (Florianópolis, Barsil);

2017 – Centro Integrado de Cultura (CIC) -Group exhibition "space plastic" (Florianópolis, Brasil).


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