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For Fabiano de Abreu, the pain of loss eases with fond memories by Vanessa Scarcella

The psychologist Margie Holy Spirit Wagner
comments on the conclusion of the author

In conclusion about feeling “pain of loss” described by the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu, posted in channel your thoughts in the form of sentence on Instagram @escritorfabianodeabreu, We must absorb the good experiences of living with what we lost to this “pain” don't become something uncomfortable in our life.

“The wait unconscious, the sadness of loss, can be less painful when it holds the good memories.” wrote the writer.

Fabiano de Abreu. Foto: Jayro Cerqueira / MF Press Global.

Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: Jayro Chao / MF Global Press.

According to the writer, support for the good memories in a positive way eases the pain of loss:

“We have to support us in good memories. Due to culture proposed by religions, When we lose someone we love, We believe that one day we can find this person, This gives us a unconscious. The pain of loss eases over time because the human being is adaptable to all, but she endures for a lifetime because no one will ever be like that person, Thus recorded the good things that we took her. But we can't raise this sadness of loss so uncomfortable, to think that we don't have it or that people and moments again. We have to hold the good memories and qualify the importance of that person in our lives so that we can evolve somehow and continue our trajectory.” concludes the philosopher.

In the opinion of renowned psychologist and psychoanalyst Adelegan Holy Spirit Wagner on the text of the author Fabiano de Abreu she adds based on psychology that has people that paralyzes the pain losing chances:

“The pain is inherent in man, in every life there will be pain, suffering is a choice. We choose to suffer or not, elaborate, progress, evolve, always updating itself is a constant in human life. There are people who hangs on the pain and lose the chance to build this new setting for yourself.” Margie Holy Spirit Wagner.

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The psychologist concludes with a text by Carlos Drummond de Andrade:

“Pain is inevitable, but the suffering is optional”.
Believe in future and possible reunion, with someone you love and “left” It's human nature.
We learned that with some religions and with our faith.
This brings comfort, amparo.
Because part leaves something and take something.
But in a lapse of time reliving the memory forever even if good. Steals the best of life: the present!
Draw up and resign the memory of that or that which was, It's the best we could do for us.
Can we live separated from each other, We can live without the other… but we can't afford to lose us.”
Carlos Drummond de Andrade

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