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Band Santa Cecilia. Photo: Musical Santa Cecilia Society Collection.

Paraty WINS space dedicated to music education

House of music, integrated into the House of culture, will be opened in 17 June and will increase program that meets today 1.150 residents of the city.

No local, which also will host the band Santa Cecilia, initiation courses will be offered, training and music appreciation for children, adolescents and adults and practical classes of set.

On the eve of tens of thousands of tourists arrive for the 14th edition of Paraty international literary festival (FLIP) to celebrate the literary art, City residents will also have the opportunity to celebrate another art that is part of the regional tradition: Music. On 17 of June, will be inaugurated the House of music, an environment dedicated to musical education integrated into the House of culture, in the historic centre. Installed in a building down, completely restored and internally adapted, will free and regular courses and serve as headquarters for the Band Santa Cecilia, most traditional of the city, founded in 1954. The set will make a presentation at the opening, that will follow the traditions of the jerk, with typical menu. The party starts at 7:00 pm.

With the inauguration of Casa da Musica, the residents of the region take up a historic heritage and gain a space that encourages creativity and knowledge, valuing their cultural roots. Its deployment will enable the realization of new projects for the educational program of music from House of culture, pick up today 1.150 students. "Our aim is to provide a unique learning experience paratienses, promoting recreational meetings and regional music appreciation ", Gabriela Gibrail highlights, Superintendent of the House of culture, institution that will incorporate the management of Casa da Musica.

Working in an integrated manner to the House of culture, the property of 200 square meters is divided into two classrooms with acoustic isolation, a reading with music collection and a room for the band Santa Cecilia, with independent entrance and a mezzanine with exclusive access. Initiation courses will be offered, training and music appreciation for children, adolescents and adults and practical classes of set. The headquarters of two major international music events-Bourbon Jazz Festival and Festival Mimo, Paraty accreditation search, with this initiative, also as a place of excellence in music education. "The creation of the House is intended to valorize our cultural traditions, to ensure conditions for the Santa Cecilia preserve its acquis and Rico to teach new generations of musicians, and reaffirm our commitment to education, extending and consolidating the music education program, that is a success ", says the Mayor of Paraty, Carlos José Miranda Range, better known as Casé, He is also a member of the band Santa Cecilia.

The Paraty Cultural Association, Manager of the Casa da Cultura Paraty, in partnership with the Municipal Secretary of Culture, performs, since 2014, the educational program of Music and arts. The initiative was extended beyond the walls of the House of culture and, today, uses four more spaces in other districts of the city.

The project of restoration of the Casa da Música is the result of a partnership between the city of Paraty and Paraty Cultural Association, with the sponsorship of the Globe Group, Besides the support of Fundação Roberto Marinho, the Federal law and Comunitas encourage culture, the Federal Government.

Band Santa Cecilia

To win a Home to call your own, the Santa Cecilia music society will have its activities guaranteed in appropriate space. One of the oldest cultural institutions of Paraty still in activity, the band is definitive headquarters, After 62 years of existence. The Santa Cecilia came to occupy the House before retirement, After having used buildings rented or ceded for the parish of Paraty, by private owners or by the city, always provisional form.

Composed by 16 Members, the band will occupy a space with separate entrance, attached to the House of culture, with room for testing and location to guard the collection of sheet music-there are documents dating back to the beginning of the last century, inherited from the musical tradition of Paraty. The music rooms will carry the names of the two founders of Santa Cecilia, Maestro Jar and Aldemar Duarte (who is the author of the anthem of Paraty). The Santa Cecilia, named after the patron saint of musicians, the main festivals of the city, as the feast of the divine and the Carnival, with more than 60 presentations by year. "The band is part of the culture of the city and, in all our presentations, tourists come to us seeking more information. This communication will be easier with the new headquarters ", says the President of the Santa Cecilia, Sushma Chadha.

The property history of house music was donated to the city of Paraty 2004, with the intention of being used for the teaching of music. His recovery took six months and allowed the modernization of internal part, with the placement of sound insulation and mobile partitions dividing the room in two, While the mezzanine had its internal space expando. Because it is a well protected, the restoration required care, prioritizing recovery of original elements, with respect to the materials and construction of the time.


House of music
Inauguration: day 17 July, at 19h

Rua Dona Geralda 282, The historic center of Paraty.

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