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Tijuca National Park. Photo: Disclosure.

Tijuca National Park Visitors Center opens Paineiras

The space will house exhibition on Brazilian national parks,
dining area overlooking the city, souvenir shop and
new box office to the Corcovado

From the second fortnight of July, who visit the Corcovado and the Paineiras, Tijuca National Park, Don't be surprised with the view and the natural beauties. To provide a richer experience to locals and tourists who frequent the Park, the visitors center will be inaugurated Paineiras. The site will give life to the old Hotel Paineiras, that in the past received personalities from all over the world and was abandoned for more than 30 years. The architectural design of the new visitors ' Centre was developed by the Studio America, winner of the contest sponsored by the Architects ' Institute and ICMBio Brazil and will feature an interactive exhibition about the Tijuca National Park, the biodiversity of the Atlantic forest and the other Brazilian national parks; dining area with panoramic views of the city; gift shop and ticket office with a modern self-service system and passwords.

Reform and operation of space shall be borne by the Consortium Paineiras-Corcovado, formed by the Waterfalls, the Bel-Tur and the Esfeco, through a concession contract with the ICMBio. The new visitor center is another initiative of the ICMBio to offer quality visitation, aligning tourism and conservation. With capacity to receive 1.200 people per hour, the Corcovado, which houses the monument of Christ the Redeemer, have in the visitors center to receive the public support with more comfort, avoiding queues and long waiting times during high season.


The exhibition "Protective Forest" will occupy 1.200 m ² the visitor center to raise public awareness on the conservation of nature and stimulate the interest in national parks. Designed by the technical staff of the Park and the SuperUber, Permanent show will present the historical and geographical characteristics of the region, as well as the fauna, the flora and the consequences of human actions on the site. Throughout seven rooms the visitor will find, among other things, a scale model 10 by 12 meters, installations and interactive tables, ultrarrealistas projections, photographs, previously unseen images taken by drone, reports of personalities and a leisure area for children.

Parque Nacional da Tijuca. Foto: Divulgação.

Tijuca National Park. Photo: Disclosure.

Gourmet area

With Kube Architecture Design, the gourmet area will have panoramic views of the city. On the porch, the public can enjoy the Bar das Paineiras and fast food healthy Naturê, of 390 m ² and ability to 156 places. The basement will house a restaurant 260 places with buffet service at a fixed price, 240 m ² of internal area and 240 m ² in a deck that juts for six metres above the forest. In contrast to the old and historic, the new construction keeps the original elements of the space.

Souvenir shop

Visitor Center store, also designed by Kube, will offer several gift options for those who want to take home a memento of your visit to space. Among the items for sale are t-shirts, mugs, caps, pencil, pens and chenille especially developed for the Tijuca National Park.

Box office

The advance ticket sale will continue to be made through the site www.paineirascorcovado.com.br. Visitors who opt for boarding in Lido Square (in Copacabana) or in the Largo do Machado – buying in advance over the internet or a ticket to the box office direct day-will make the landing in the center of visitors and will be entitled to a fast pass to climb to the monument by means of a special boarding. Also will continue to be available early ticket over the internet for direct boarding on the Paineiras, by appointment.

Parque Nacional da Tijuca. Foto: Divulgação.

Tijuca National Park. Photo: Disclosure.

Who want to buy the ticket directly on the Paineiras can make the purchase within the visitor centre, in a modern self-service system and passwords. The new format will reduce the waiting time on site, especially in periods of high season, In addition to providing more comfort to the public – that may await boarding the attractions of the place and time through monitors spread across all spaces.

Sustainable and accessible design

The entire space is being prepared to receive any type of visitor, is a person with disabilities or reduced mobility, pregnant women or elderly, so comfort and guaranteed public access to the site. As part of the sustainable project of the Consortium, the visitor center will feature the effluent treatment station with water reuse, water-saving technologies and energy and efficient solid waste management, with disposal of recyclable material to the neighboring community cooperative.

Tijuca National Park

The Tijuca National Park, administered by the ICMBio, protects several of the most famous natural monuments of Rio de janeiro, as the Corcovado, the Pedra da Gávea, the beautiful stone and the Tijuca forest. Protects even a Rico cultural heritage, as the Parque Lage and the Chinese view. With almost 4 1000 acres is conservation unit of the country's most visited, with about of 3 1,000,000 visitors per year.

On the Paineiras-Corcovado

Created in 2012, the Paineiras-Corcovado is a consortium formed by the Waterfalls, the Bel-Tur and the Esfeco to implement and operate the visitor center Paineiras, In addition to structure the road access to Corcovado, offering comfort and safety to the public. The section between the Visitors Centre Paineiras and high Corcovado is made only by the official vans, reducing the environmental impact in the Tijuca National Park.


Visitor Center Paineiras
Daily, 8h to 6:00 pm
Special hours during the period of the Olympic Games:
Exhibition "Protective Forest": Free entry / Pg.
Largo do Machado box office – Daily, 8h às 17h
Lido Square ticket office- Copacabana – Daily, 8h to 4:0 pm
Tickets-Copacabana and Largo do Machado
· R$ 56,00 in low season and day of week
· R$ 68,00 in high season and weekends *
· R$ 44,00 – Children of 5 to 11 years
· R$ 37,00 – Brazilians or foreigners residing from 60 years
Paineiras – Daily, 8h to 6:00 pm
· R$ 26,00 in low season and day of week
· R$ 38,00 in high season and weekends *
· R$ 14,00 – Children of 05 to 11 years

· R$ 7,00 – Brazilians or foreigners residing from 60 years


* The months of July and August are considered high season. Are already being sold tickets for the duration of the Olympic Games. About of 40% of the tickets have already been purchased.



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