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Pascale Nemri Daoud, The Passion for Colors

Pascale Nemri Daoud Perfil

Pascale Nemri Daoud is a Visual Artist.

“I love to play with colors; I believe they are the foundation of life and happiness. And their association gives me an enormous power… the power of creation.” – Pascale Nemri Daoud

Lebanese painter | Oil on canvas | Landscapes
Portraits | Africa | Wild Animals


Of Lebanese origin, I was born in 1977 in Beirut where I spent my childhood. In 2003 I moved with my husband to Cote d’Ivoire and lived in Abidjan where I opened my first interior design studio called “Subtil’creation”.

Meanwhile, my paintings started to take shape. It was a hobby at first, then it turned out to be the reason for which I went back to Beirut. After two years of positive feedback and encouraging compliments from my friends and surroundings, I decided to finally pursue what I had realized to be my most innate passion: painting.

Artwork 2I really don’t feel like any other artist, I neither studied Arts in school nor did I take any kind of painting course. They would most probably hate me, or not even take me seriously for this, but what I know for sure is that art is what you want it to be. It’s me, you, the little lady playing with her hair, the joy of a married couple, the happiness of your first achievement, two lovers looking at each other eyes, the ferocity of a leopard, the life of an indigenous tribe… Everything that we can imagine can live and be transformed within a painting.

I use my imagination and intuition to melt colors together, to research and discover new ways to project the images in my mind onto the canvas. All my paintings are made with oil.

The variety of the subjects in my work is consistent with my passion for colors. Wild animals, portraits, and Africa are all waves that you see in my paintings; a miscellaneous accumulation of experiences which come alive from my travels, my people, and my interests.

Artwork 13


  • 2013 – Hamra, Lebanon, Golden Tulip Serenada Hamra – November – 5,6,7.

Photos of the Artist being interviewed on radio and television programs:


Interview about “Alwan” at MTV Lebanon: (A presentation of the work of the Artist at morning show “Baynetna”)

Artworks of the Artist:


Artwork 8



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Tel: +961 79 133 665
E-mail: pascale.nemri@gmail.com



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