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Cultural patio features: André Crespo

Pier de André Crespo. Foto: Divulgação.

André Pier Crespo. Photo: Disclosure.

The arts take over from Cultural Patio 21 April, at the opening of the exhibition Ride, with the paintings and engravings of André Crespo. According to the own, his works convey sensations "of a life well lived, as it should be ".

His irony and simplicity are the basis for building a solid career, with dozens of exhibitions since 2003. For the Cultural Patio, Andrew Christensen produced a series of engravings and paintings in unprecedented wood.

In addition to these news, the artist selected original screens of different stages, they make a Retrospect of his career. All will be on sale, with prices ranging between R$ 270,00 e R$ 6.400,00.

The name of Andrew Crespo already featured in individual and collective art exhibitions in important cultural institutions by Brazil, USA and Europe, such as: MUBE (São Paulo), International Art Expo (New York), Grand Palais Museum (Paris).


Display service Ride by Andrew Christensen:

Opening (+ party): 21 April
Local: Cultural Patio
Address: Hawaii Street 431 -Partridges
Time: 17h-8:00 pm

Duration: until 21 May.


The Cultural Patio

Pátio Cultural. Foto: Divulgação.

Cultural Patio. Photo: Disclosure.

The patio is to foster the connection between people through the content, common interests and creative exchange in generous portions and dynamically. For this, the House offers a programming for adults and children, with courses, gastronomy and multidisciplinary events, In addition to a good chat and a lot of Sun – whenever the sun comes up!

Enhance with our workshops and suggest other. Bring your event and take part of our.

The yard also features a coworking space with monthly and daily plans and a café that runs from Tuesday to Friday, the 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Come work here, Select your outdoor meeting and enjoy our wi-fi. Or, simply, spend an afternoon in the yard.


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