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Patricia Milan

Patricia Milan é Artista Plástica.

Patricia Milan is an artist.

Patricia Milan

Since very little Patricia Milan spent hours by the tireless grandfather admiring and copying their designs, already advanced in age, and without any training created drawings and unrealistic that nobody could ghostly understand where they came from, but she understood very well, because in his childlike mind, they were right there, all had a meaning and very special and particular history, as well as those who have lived in your imagination. Motivated with the help of Grandpa designer she just needed to learn how to hold the pencil and transcribe them on paper, in order to give life to each of them and bring them to the real world, and so was. The grandfather was in his teens, leaving here miss and a girl inspired, filled with creations without translations, for simple and common people, which were filling bags a simple folder of drawings, While fed and grew deep in the soul a tremendous desire to one day show them to the WORLD.

Another great dream joined to this, make reading of grandfather's designs, that one day would be taken zealously of pieces of paper "and dents and transposed the smooth and white screens and panels, with good ink, vibrant colors and generous and loving strokes, expressing all simplicity, creativity, patience and inspiration that the sweet and rustic grandfather devoted in his old chair, surrounded by their pencil stumps and small cardboard templates used, teaching your little granddaughter, their mysterious designs, described with few words of a very bad Portuguese learned, While his cousins ralhavam with her, praying that leave the old with its ugly doodles, and come with them playing in the backyard.

The artist still keeps with much care, a small set of leaves, copies of the main imaginations of his grandfather, carefully bound by a journalist who worked in the building where the grandfather was the doorman, and given as a gift to his father which was there in a nutshell, a little of the history of the life of Severino Milan and his art “Gross” that was hiding, in that rustic and humble man who the world certainly never hear talk.

Currently the artist has 35 years, owns a variety store and housewares, which enables you to spend the day, the create, exhibit and sell all kind of self-sustaining art, using recyclable materials, and also screens with his art and also reading of artists you admire, on order.

While there his art, and markets the values not very substantial, by not having the public value, Burns his heart daily, Dreaming in the midst of the many colors, with the day you will have the opportunity and resources to illustrate in beautiful and white screens, the sweet fruit which is still guarded, the precious grandfather planted seeds for many years and that are waiting for the propitious moment to blossom for the whole world meet.

Tulipa Solitária.

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Hortolândia – São Paulo
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