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Zohair da Silva Petrucci

Paula Vitória da Silva Petrucci é Artista Plástica.

Zohair da Silva Petrucci is an artist.

Zohair da Silva Petrucci

Many people who draw when small no longer do after that grow, but for some reason I followed with this passion.

I've done a basic course of drawing in art school j.. Drawings, where I learned a little about shading and received a certificate;

I did a course in oil painting for some time at school said above, but not getting certificate do you finish, but I did get some technique.

In addition to already mentioned, do pencil drawings, Nanquim, paint with watercolor and color with crayons.

The art simply me encanta, and gradually I intend to improve more and more my way to reproduce it.

Lugar de Paz

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