Paulo Byron

Paulo Byron é Artista Plástico.

Paul Byron is an artist.

Paulo Byron

Use the drawing and painting with the techniques of graffiti, ink and acrylic on paper or on screen or on a delicate mix not insulated.

Modern figurative style, having developed three phases of work:

  • Bohemia – series depicting scenes of the musicians and Bohemians of the 50 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Gauchos – series portrays dispossessed scenes of everyday life of the people of Rio Grande do Sul, on daily deals and common.
  • Childish games series-remembering the uses and customs of the children of the 50.

Artist self-taught training, since 2006.

Série Boemia - No Banco da Praça

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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Fernando Carvalho interview Paul Byron:


“Talking about the Artist Paul Byron, is to speak of a reality late and so complicated simplicity, targeted by many and achieved by so few. He demonstrates a rich creativity and the result of hard work of research in finding her features as in the game of its colors. Paul Byron illustrates generously memories of “good times” Youth and Bohemian, with the dexterity of a great artist and the sensitivity of a great man. He has a master's degree in realising bold perspectives, giving a sense of almost infinite, and an idea of the size of your talent to us his own nostalgia for happy times, a style extremely particular and deliciously unique. Bravo Paul Byron ! Its thematic and artistic mastery is simply amazing.”

Artist Dominique Lecomte
Chevalier Académicien – Mondial Art Academicien


Paul Byron of Adonirans to Bambas, the Pampas the Sampa of Ernesto!!!

Watching closely the work of esteemed friend and colleague Paul Byron, is look back with sweetness, It's a walk in decades, It is once in the gift with your generosity of a critical eye, MUI insightful presents us and with your child's purity in the veins pop out to your screens, their roles, their most expressive and imaginary characters, This ring of sober and playful themes, cherished longhouses, Adonirans and garoas take your universe, the apparent simplicity of your features, hide his creative mastery and definitely a poet who struggles to perpetuate the glittering days of a magical and fascinating Sao Paulo, in which the ingenuity of genius behind the atmosphere of boemias and rickety wheels.

That boy with an air of debauchery and kind eyes brings within itself many, many songs, Since the marbles glass balls, carteados between a cane and another, diverse is its restless world that apparently lies in the past and worthy with his memory presents us with joy those times, I feel and hear the old tenements of the Bladder, children with his pawns, with the famous "arco and grapple"…Ah… How was George run a small tire of stroller the sidewalks outside, for hours and hours, While the distance you could hear the tambourines es guitars packing the everyday in sambas sometimes melancholic and other washed down good rum and voices Gonçalves, stays forever in memory echoing the whistles of textiles announcing the end of the day, and small Bars whitened with a beautiful and simple wire pendant with an old yellow light bulb in the shadows, surrounded by butterflies and lightning relentless… Paulo is Sao Paulo art-deco, too many distorted perspectives, soaked, These dancing wheels that "cat Meow" and ciranda, cirandinha all dance, We skip, jump the rope and pass rings, hug, Kiss, handshake, an early childhood innocence to the first kiss.

There are so many memories that it is difficult to play them with words, but wisely and picturesquely pictorial this artist makes dexterity, elegance without even putting facial expression in your characters, for they that anonymity nearly without face, says… I am here, I'm alive and perduro, the future is always now, hard not to thrill to those as I experienced this popular cultural whirlwind, Paulista, São Paulo of drizzle land of gleaming cobblestones, in the early morning, in the mornings coming from Bohemia, looking at the day start and life simply, slowly happening in, in pace of purest joy, the noblest beauty that someone can feel, enjoy the works of Paul Byron is to feel the body grow old with respect and have let our heritage, our child die.

Congratulations dear friend, a big kiss heart full of love.

by Limajr. ’.



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