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"The Red Soldier Agonizes" meets season at the TUC

"The Red Soldier Agonizes" meets season at the TUC

The play "the Red Soldier Agonizes" debuted at the Festival of Theater of Curitiba and will now be staged from 10 to 12 and of 17 to 19 September, at 19h, the TUC-Theatre of Curitiba. Directed by Rodrigo Bayarsaikhan, the piece is built by small fragments of "everyday wars" when fear and fight for survival wins the stage.

The voice that starts this narrative is the plural of the soldier in front of the Angel of death that will lead to your final judgment. In the sequence of scenes the actor displays other figures ranging composing gradually an actions pane and war everyday situations. Politicians, mothers, lurid TV, prostitutes, all diluted in a single body stitching these stories in an attempt to through them to question social and religious paradigms which can incarcerate relationships and drown individualities.

The repetition of textual forms and body sheet music print the pace of Assembly, subverted by musical interventions that located the delusion in a subterranean cabaret attended by enemy soldiers ". The atmosphere contaminates the work guiding choices of Visuality and the actor's dialogue with the public and the scenic area. Red Soldier's last words get confused with Liza Minnelli's voice announcing the final judgment.

"The Red Soldier Is Dying". Directed by Rodrigo Bayarsaikhan
Local: TUC-University Theater of Curitiba (Gallery Julio Moreira-Largo da Ordem)
Dates: from 10 to 19 September 2015, from Thursday to Saturday, at 19h
Tickets: R$ 12 e R$ 6 (half price)

Rating: 16 years


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