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Pélico. Photo: Disclosure.

Pélico launches third album with show at the theatre in Madeira Island

One of the most celebrated musicians of the current generation of Brazilian music, the paulista Pélico singer-songwriter returns to Curitiba to display your show next Saturday (21), at 8:0 pm. On the stage of the theater of the Armory, He presents the show of release of their third album, “Euphoria”.

Accompanied by Jesus Sanches (low), Regis Dallas (Guitar), Richard Ribeiro (battery), Tony Berchmans (keyboards) and Marcelo Effori (percussion and MPC), It features the new songs, as the title track, "Sozinhar me" and "you think you can fool me", In addition to the hits "Message" and "I'm not going to leave you for a while".

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In the new album, Pélico face love with less dramatic contours. Calling the hope, gives rise to more melodies solares, as in "Supernatural", that opens the album of well-tempered. In 14 tracks, a team of guests help to compose the scenery of this euphoria, like Leticia Spiller, Curumin, Rafael Castro, Marcelo Cabral, Rodrigo Campos, Joao Erbetta, among others.

Although it is not a linear continuity of previous work, “That come between us” (2011), the features that made one of the most discussed names Pélico the current crop are still out there, the sensitivity with pinches of self-mockery in the lyrics, the elaborate arrangements that lead the audience to tears or euphoria.

Seven years separate “The last day of a man without judgment” (2008), his first album, the most recent. In this range, the praised “That come between us” entered in several featured lists, including the best of the year Rolling Stone magazine Brazil. In 2013, Tom Zé invited him to participate in the album "Tropicalia Trash" alongside prominent names of Brazilian music, as Mallu Magalhães, Rodrigo Amarante and Emic.

"Euphoria" was recorded in Studio Sound Design, in São Paulo, with the production Jesus Sanchez. The cover photo was Bob Wolfenson and art, the friend and singer Filipe Catto.

Pélico-album release show “Euphoria”
Day 21 November, Saturday, 20h
Paiol Theater-Guido Viaro Square, s/n – Prado Velho
R$ 30 e R$ 15 (half price) -Cash only
Information: (41) 3213-1340

Points of sale: box office in Madeira Island (Tuesday to Friday, the 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm; saturday and sunday, the 3:00 pm until the time of the event) and Mezzanine Restaurant of the arts (Alameda Dr. Carlos de Carvalho, 805, Monday to Saturday, from 11:30 to 11:00 pm)


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