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Wake Accessories. Photo: Disclosure.

Little Africa at Lavradio

Wake up throws collection that makes cultural rescue inspired by the birthplace of samba

The brand upcycling wake up, commanded by cariocas Luana Maria and Michelle Andrade, presents the new collection "Little Africa". The pieces are inspired by the Rio de Janeiro region comprised by the port area, Gamboa, Health, Pedra do Sal and Santo Cristo. The duo invites you to take a ride on the site that was the gateway for Africans in Brazil, in the land where samba was born and where the candomble has in the city and remained strong for decades, through many colors and fabrics drops. "And the return to the region that has been marked by many important events for black people and that the story was keen to forget, But today we return with reasons to celebrate the victories of this people ", comments Michelle Andrade.

The brand presents a collection that comes in first with a vintage air and with the more sober color chart and terrosa. In the second phase the pieces appear marked by black and white artwork with bright points that show the contemporary force that the brand has over the ethnic theme. There are six models of handbags, including the Fanny Pack that has become the object of desire among customers of the brand and the big news are the t-shirts that come in three patterns with two color variations having black and white as the big stars of this product.

The Wake follows firmly in the initial proposal to create products from waste tissues, keeping the contemporary bias but walking in reverse to fast fashion through sustainability and creativity. Each piece is hand-produced through a process where tissues and their combinations are highly selected to ensure exclusive products and full of love to your customers.

Wake Accessories. Photo: Disclosure.

Wake Accessories. Photo: Disclosure.

About wake up

Wake up was born a year ago and is an urban fashion brand, upcycling, contemporary, slow fashion and sustainable values for rescue through cultural products made with waste tissues. Formed by partners Luana Maria and Michelle Andrade that there is 15 years stand out as fashion and style reference in the urban scene of the city, releasing trends. The dual rescues the world regional culture through exclusive products respecting the labour that produces.


Wake up at the fair of Lavradio
Where: 03/10/15
Local: Feira do Lavradio – S. do Lavradio, S/N – Center, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Time: of 10:00 the 6:00 pm


Wake Accessories
+55 21 98106 6522 / 98751 3302

Instagram: Wake Accessories
Facebook: Wake Accessories


  1. Pequena África na Feira do Lavradio #moda #upcycling

    http://t.co/KdLgkuWGwg http://t.co/JQ11Z3nJXf

  2. The brand upcycling wake up, commanded by cariocas Luana Maria and Michelle Andrade, apresenta a nova coleçãohttp://t.co/qLutcvFIa5

  3. The brand upcycling wake up, commanded by cariocas Luana Maria and Michelle Andrade, apresenta a nova coleçãohttp://t.co/ZCcfKb2dCb

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