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Philos opens documentaries about Van Gogh and Gauguin to non-subscribers

The Philos – canal on demand Globosat-will open for fifteen days for non-subscribers the documentaries "Van Gogh-the secret behind the artist" and "Gauguin-the whole story" (part 1) that are available in the collection. From day 20 July, the public will get to know a little more about the artists who will have their works presented in the exhibition "The triumph of color", The CCBB of Rio de Janeiro.

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The secret behind the artist-Van Gogh

The episode sheds light on the winding life of Van Gogh, the process of maturation of his works and sources of inspiration, from Rembrandt to Millet, the impressionist painters and great Japanese Masters.

Year: 2014

Rating: Free

Director: Laurent-David Samama

Duration: 52 minutes

Gauguin – the full story (Part 1)

Although born in Paris, Gauguin lived seven years of his childhood in Peru. At the age of 25, After the break of the Paris Stock Exchange, the artist takes an important decision: dedicate himself entirely to painting. Begins a life of travel and Bohemia, that resulted in a unique and artistic production of the avant-gardes of the 20th century. Gauguin painting in a way of thinking about the world and life philosophy.

Year: 2003

Rating: 12 years

Director: Waldemar Januzczak

Duration: 60 minutes

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