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Strokes Day-to-Day by Edmundo Cavalcanti


Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist.

Debuting our category Brushstrokes Day-to-Day, Artist Plastic Edmundo Cavalcanti sent us the following:

Theappening to me an interesting fact strange in November/2012, I do not remember the date exactly.

Was living in the house of my sister, and as was usually every night, was watching a newscast.

Suddenly gave me an urge to paint something, but did not know what.

I grabbed my clipboard and the case with pastels, and began to spread the pastel blue in color, on the role, as is my style, then with hands and fingers to spread further, I thought I had finally finished. I began trying to figure out what was done, I saw nothing.

Then took the job to show it to my sister, they asked me what I was doing, because I heard the noise I'm spreading pastel on canvas. I told then that I was painting, but did not know what had painted. Then I showed the picture to her, and to my surprise, she told me: See what a beautiful Angel you did, addition of another figure at the bottom of the canvas (a sitting horse ).

Really friends, after that I saw all this. Very strange even… Hugs!

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