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Brushstrokes of Day-to-Day by Denise Campinho


Wedding Camp Denise and Paul Mendes Faria.

Brushstrokes Day-to-Day by Denise Campinho

Marriage with love and art in the same paper

Cmet Paulo Mendes Faria, my husband, in a solo exhibition in the Center of Culture of Petrópolis in may 1981. I've worked with art at that time. It was then that began our relationship.

He set up an Art Gallery in the city with the name DENART and we married in 9 January 1983. Ever since we started working together, in the Gallery and in the Studio… 24 hours of the day together!!!

The idea of ​​a marriage outside the traditional mold was by him… I was more conservative (laughs). He was always a great designer and I always worked with colors, with restoration of painting, and watercolor… So we decided to join our “skills” and present the result in marriage.

Hire a Justice of the Peace to go to Crystal Palace in Petrópolis, I arrived in a horse cart and in amid of an art exhibition we married, with the presence of hundreds of guests. The canvas of the exhibition, Drawing of Mendes Faria and Watercolor of Denise Campinho on the same paper, were performed by four hands.

The title of our wedding invitation was:

"Marriage with love and art in the same paper".

I appreciate the interest in this story of love and art, that keeps until today… thirty years later.

Denise Campinho Faria



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