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Painting of Preeti Thaker Arora

Preeti Thaker Arora é Artista Plástica.

Preeti Thaker Arora is an Artist.

From Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, via Brazil to the World !!!

In artist Preeti’s art form healing & meditation are mixed with colours.

A painting is a poem or story without words! This is very true, especially after meeting with the artist Preeti Thaker Arora. An encounter with this unassuming young artist was like flipping through a modern day Cinderalla story. Ever tried catching a storm in a tea cup? Her childhood & growing up years were rather stormy and rough and there’s a lot she has yet to comprehend. “I was born in an affluent family, with a father who was a dynamic Customs & Excise officer who was also contesting for Mr. Gujarat (bodybuilding in India) after winning a title of Mr. Baroda at that time… and a loving and caring mom. Ours was a happy family, with parents and an elder brother when tragedy struck. My father met with a fatal accident and was paralysed waist downwards and saddled to a wheel chair since the age of 27 years old! Since then, mom has been his wife, friend, nurse, confidant… and I grew up with my grandma, far away from them. My childhood was very difficult & muddled up. I felt the absence of my mother always, but my older brother, a few years older to me, was my only family in those early years”.

Pintura 1 de Preeti Thaker Arora.

While I try to understand her frame of mind, Preeti was trying to get hold of her emotions. Is it loneliness in the early years that made her take to brush & colours? “I don’t remember, but I loved drawing, scribbling and play with colours. My first tryst with paints & brushes was in my own room – walls, cupboard, study table, doors … everything was my canvas. But I continued to feel insecure and these insecurities, made me a partial dyslexic, resulting in my inability to comprehend mathematics. Imagine I would come home, term after term, with a big Zero in my report card! Helpless, angry and ashamed of my shortcoming I worked very hard and bettered myself in languages, geography and General Knowledge. GK is something I have mastered myself in. (Even FB posts are full of GK) History too was tough with dates to comprehend with”.

From a partial dyslexic to a management topper to a dynamic and a hard core professional, who worked as Director Operations, ICRM, a multinational, based in Malaysia, how did this change come about? “The emptiness, the loneliness in my life, often got submerged with my mother’s determination and belief that I must prove myself and carve a small niche in this big world. My mother’s dream became the anthem of my life. Soon life in college, university and career became successful challenges. But life’s hardest blow was awaiting to happen… I lost my young brother to cruel fate. He literally took a part of me away with him. It was my job that took me to Malaysia. Living alone in Malaysia, I found a lot of free time… Soon my evenings became engaging with my paint, brush & canvas. Therein I began my most satisfying relationship with painting. My wondering mind kept me busy, a desperate search for my brother. Deep in to my world of colours, there’s a longing to see my brother. What started as a release to my suppressed feelings and thoughts soon became one important facet of my life”, said Preeti.

In my mind I had images of Preeti as the once working modern woman, now a housewife, in the groove of leisure naps, kitty parties, sipping tea over conversations, reading avant-garde texts… but Preeti seemed pretty much alien to all this… Extremely spiritual and into meditation and star gazing, she loves the starlit sky, planets and the magic of the moon (She can spend hours gazing at the sky from her balcony). It is then one realizes her inspiring creativity and artistic gallery of paintings that adorn her beautiful home, in distinct genres – Modern art, Healing & Meditation…

Pintura 10 de Preeti Thaker Arora.

Painting 10 of Preeti Thaker Arora.

Cosmic art is not a very common art form here, but for some like Preeti, is one of the intimate thoughts about fabrics. Cosmos is the realm of mind, of thought, of consciousness, of spirit. Art cosmic often brings to mind images of space, sun, planets, planets…, but for artiste Preeti it involves imagination, dreams, and even spiritual connection… It’s a healing art and deals with meditation, nature, landscapes and vibrant colours. “My paintings take you through the beautiful journey of life. An unquenchable thirst and longing for moments, makes me go deeper in to the mystery of the unknown. There is a power that works in a mysterious manner to transform everything in to an object”, said Preeti.

She continues: “In this art form, healing and meditation are interspersed with colours.” While her paintings are a splash of vibrant colours, she is often developing her own soft focus and dramatic lighting techniques to bring in a myriad effect. “My paintings offer surreal 3D effect when complimented with focussed light… like the globes in one of my cosmic paintings just comes out and looks real and on your face. “In fact, some of the real moments like “Seven Colours of Earth”, eye catching landscapes and other paintings helped Preeti carve a niche for herself among art lovers across the globe, including the Brazilian online Art gallery, Artworks (obrasdarte.com), where her paintings are displayed, time and again.

Her paintings are in brilliant colours, with an unerring eye for detailing, which makes her splendid paintings an unexplored part of the artiste’ mind and work. His painting is witty, yet flexible… art that comes straight from the heart. The distinctiveness of her art form symbolizes her independent state of mind. But her mysterious paintings do give us an insight in to the world she wants us to understand. Preeti says she can paint ceaselessly night & day and every stroke of her brush brings happiness to her. “Every painting I finish gives me a high, but what really cheers me up is for every painting sold I bring smile to a few faces,” smiles Preeti. This young artiste, with a heart of gold, donates half the sale money towards her favourite charities.

As of now Preeti Thaker Arora is in a happy state of mind with a very loving and supportive husband, (her husband Sandeep Arora, who is a leading Business Man), who gives her the time and space for her paintings and stands by her through all her creative decisions, at home & as far as her paintings go. Preeti is one of the few artists I have known who broke conventional genre boundaries. Her paintings celebrate the creative legacy of many a female painters.

Interview carried out by the Indian Journalist, Mrs. Shola Rajachandran.

Pintura 20 de Preeti Thaker Arora.

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