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Pollyanna Ferreira

Pollyanna Ferreira é Artista Plástica.

Alana Ferreira is an artist.

Pollyanna Ferreira

Pollyanna Ferreira, the pioneer of 3D painting, was born in the city of Recife, in 24 th July 1977. Daughter of divorced parents, She was educated by the godmother, at 13 years of age attended the atelier of artist Ana Vaz that he learned during 3 years drawing techniques with teacher Silvana Torres. Opting at first by the pedagogy afterwards will reflect in his work as a teacher of painting, because she gives essential notions didactics and evolution, of your students who sought in painting occupational therapy, in the production of art. Pollyanna followed initially academic tracks, graduated in Pedagogy, but soon after dropped out of this profession, finding your destination finally in the paths of the Visual Arts, to fall in love with a screen of Sant ' anna.

The artist has always had the support of his father, and later from her husband, He began studying painting at the Federal University of Pernambuco, at this time regarded as a center of modern art, but Pollyanna disenchanted with this artistic practice, because it had a special predilection was for realistic painting. His early works reflected a different twist and expressed also themes such as flora and fauna. During this period, Pollyanna met the painter Samir in the year 1997, who became his teacher and friend. Where he learned techniques of hyper realistic painting that fascinated so much. As soon as he started painting with master Samir became his pupil and helped with other students in order to spend more time learning with him for four years. Shortly after he begins teaching at home and do your work exposure on rua do Bom Jesus, cultural center of Recife. There receives an invitation to teach Painting at the Museum of the State of Pernambuco.

In this decade, the painter accomplishes the first individual exhibitions in the Catholic College of Pernambuco, Hotels, Public Institutions.

In the following years spent painting also on walls in churches and colleges of the city.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2006 founded his school of painting (Pollyarte) in the village very quiet region with people who appreciate the art soon began attending your workshop, so in addition to the fabrics and walls literacy for children and adults. Over the years his work has gained a greater dimension wall, as it began to paint in high-luxury furniture stores, their works on display in the show-room more well attended by people from purchasing power, allowed to extend these works in residences with the endorsement of the architects and owners of big name shops in Brazil.

Thus becoming the first artist in the northeast to create a painting in 3D on screens and walls for diverse environments. She releases the fine arts of conventional chains that they arrested. With their innovative attitude.

In 2011, Inaugurates his second art school on the South side of town.

When Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope Leo III 2015 the artist feels that direct contact with customers to stop her from having a larger aggregate value to your work. And looking for a aseessoria to make greater visibility of your work, and thus devote himself exclusively to the creation and execution of his paintings.

Arara Piranga.

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