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Exhibition "In Child's name in the Name of Childhood, Robson Miguez". Disclosure.

Popular, Colorful and vibrant; Robson Miguez exposes Art Children's inspiration

Robson Miguez will make the solo exhibition “In Child's name in the Name of Childhood” in Embu das Artes from the day 5/10 at the Cultural Center of Assisi Master Embu, showing 50 ink paintings on oil and 13 sculptures that express his art inspired by the playful child (as kindergarten children's drawings), iconographic elements in the animal kingdom, in Figures Pictorial, folklore, not everyday urban, in modern society and the fantastic. Admission is free and the promotion of the event is the Municipal Culture curated by Paulo Dud.

And on Sunday 6/10, at 3:0 pm, The artist will attend the presentation of the group Bumba Meu Boi City of São Paulo, opposite the site of the show, and, then, will go the Fair Arts.

It is not the first time that Miguez is an exhibition in the city. In 2014, he had held the exhibition "In Name of Child 2" in E. M. Valdelice Prass, showing their works to around 1.600 students.

Autodidact (self taught), Miguez began painting in the year 2003 in Sao Luis do Maranhão, after the poet and curator Couto Corrêa Filho suggest that passed his drawings made with ballpoint pen four-color screens. His works are strongly linked to their city of origin and, without the use of a historical reference or aesthetic, the artist presents a primitive and personal content of his art.

"At first I did not quite get what he was doing, It was like a child's play and, although my work is public-facing child, any adult is attracted by it, because we all have a child within themselves ".

Miguez has scattered works in several European countries, in the United States and Australia and in some Brazilian states. In addition to artist, It is also a writer and educator, He published books Theater of the Absurd (poetry), Pretend (Tales), Night mouth (find) Friends and Construction, participating with 50 Authors, and due to be released soon. Already made individual and collective exhibitions in St. Louis, their homeland, and Sao Paulo (now for the fifth time), which is rooted from 2013. He donated his first screen called "Egyptian Alphabet" to the project Child Hope.

In Child's name in the Name of Childhood, Robson Miguez
Local: Cultural center Master of Assisi Embu (Largo 21 April, 29, Center, Embu das Artes)
Operation: from Monday to Friday (9h to 9:00 pm) – saturday and sunday (9h to 6:00 pm)
Opening: Saturday 5/10, at 4:00 pm
Period: 5 to 13/10
Presentation of Bumba Meu Boi City of São Paulo: Sunday, 6/10, at 3:0 pm
Free entrance
More info: Tel. (11) 4781-4462


Link original: cidadeembudasartes.sp.gov.br/embu/portal/noticia/ver/12567

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