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Porcelain: learn how to choose the right finish

choose the finishing of a house or apartment is quite a challenge, and today there are thousands of options available in the market and of the most varied types, colors, textures and prices.

The finish is what will give face to a space, be the finish of floor that is on the floor or even the walls of a room in the house or a space inside an office.

Thus, It is important to choose a finish that is consistent with the entire space decoration project and, of course, a finish that you like, with great benefits and a price that fits in your pocket.

Happily, with the internet and social networks, it has become even simpler and faster to find stores and professionals available to help people in this painstaking process, but extremely important.

Architects and interior designers are the most recommended for this, because in addition to being able to help directly in processes such as residential condominium construction, are also experts in building quality indoor environments.

Among the many options available on the market, Porcelain tile has become one of the main, most sought after and also most consumed. This is because this material brings numerous benefits to those who acquire it., and we will delve into some of them later..

Thinking about it, Today we will know more about the porcelain tile finish, as well as the benefits it brings to homes and some of the different types that exist and which one is best according to what you need..

Understand what porcelain is

Many people know porcelain because of its fame within the world of decoration and construction., but few know what this material really is and why it has become one of the most sought after.

before anything, we need to understand that both porcelain and any other type of finish need a good architecture works management to be installed correctly, ensuring quality in the process from start to finish.

Back to porcelain, he is nothing more than a type of pottery, basically made of rocks and clays.

In your manufacturing process, is burned at temperatures above 1200°C, which together with its composition of noble raw materials result in a very resistant and versatile product.

Porcelain tile has several types and we will present some later., but the fact is that, regardless of the type of porcelain you choose, its durability and versatility will be guaranteed.

Of course there are certain types that are focused on specific areas, but nothing that cannot be thought of and discussed with an architect or the team that will be installing the material inside your house..

Porcelain is widely used in office finishing., because in addition to last a long time, facilitates the cleaning process, which is normally carried out by a outsourced office cleaning company.

Thus, We understand that porcelain tile is much more than just a beautiful and practical finish., but one of the best in terms of cost, benefits, material quality and durability for any space.

Benefits of using porcelain tile as a finish

As we mentioned above, Porcelain tile is one of the most chosen finishes for homes and offices due to its numerous benefits., check out below some of them that make this material so sought after in the market:

easy to clean

The first positive point of porcelain is how easy it is to clean., After all, no one wants to spend hours and hours working to keep the floor or walls of the house very clean, Is not it?

Therefore, both architects and a builder commercial and industrial works recommend porcelain precisely because it is a finish that is very easy when it comes to cleaning.

With him, just a small soft cloth and a specific product for you to be able to clean the porcelain tile quickly and simply, without too much effort and without spending too much time on it.

Versatile to decorate

In addition, porcelain is still a very versatile finish, that is, You can use it in different ways and in different places in your home., bringing its sophistication and practicality to different spaces, such as:

  • house floor;
  • room walls;
  • bathroom walls;
  • bench of kitchen;
  • bathroom bench;
  • Stairs;
  • Windows.

There is a sea of ​​possibilities that you can embrace with porcelain and that make all the difference in the environment., making it even more sophisticated, beautiful and practical for everyday use.

high durability

And it is clear that the high durability of porcelain is one of the flagships that make it so coveted by consumers and recommended by the best apartment renovation company and also houses in condominiums.

Just knowing that you will have material that, while being well taken care of, promises to last up to approx. 10 years, is a great benefit for those who do not want to live the routine of a reform again so soon.

Thus, we understand that the benefits of porcelain tile go beyond its exterior, that as beautiful as it is, also brings a lot of quality and versatility in its production, completely changing an entire environment.

types of porcelain

As well as many other materials and finishes for homes, Porcelain tile has different types and it is worth knowing some of them to find out which one is best for your space depending on what you want.. Thus, Check out some of the main ones below.:

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Within a process of management of corporate works, glazed porcelain is one of the best options, because it receives a layer of enamel at the end of production, which makes the material shinier and increases its durability.

In addition, glazed porcelain tiles tend to retain less moisture, leaving the space cleaner and smoother and it is even more difficult to retain stains that can arise through paints or even food that can fall on the floor..

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It is ideal for indoor environments that tend to have a lot of humidity and also for open outdoor environments that receive a lot of influence from the weather., because they perform better and last much longer..

satin and matte

Satin and matt have their obvious differences., but they are also very similar in terms of texture.. That's because both deliver a very soft and comfortable texture., ideal for use indoors.

They are also simple to clean., but having a team of cleaning labor outsourcing in the home or office can make all the difference so that the material is professionally cleaned.

Satin porcelain tile tends to have more shine in its finish, while matte has a matte finish. both are great, the finish will depend on your preference and what you want for the decoration of the space.


Finally, but no less important, the non-slip is ideal for homes or spaces where they have children and also for outdoor areas, be it a balcony or even around a swimming pool.

This is because this type of porcelain prevents anyone from slipping and ending up suffering some kind of accident that puts their physical well-being at risk., that's why the non-slip is the best option for these spaces.

Most models have a finish that closely resembles the marbled cement, leaving a more rustic look in the environment and with a more industrial decoration, as it is known.

Here it is important to mention that any type of porcelain can count on a good polishing from time to time., because the process enhances the shine of the material and makes it look.

However, each type of porcelain tile has a certain time interval for performing this service, this should be consulted with specialists in the subject or with the store where the material is purchased.

And of course the polishing process must also be carried out by experts in the process., that guarantee the quality of your porcelain tile and use the appropriate products for this and that do not end up negatively influencing its durability.

Final Considerations

Renovating or building any space is quite a challenge., and choose the best finish too, happily, it is possible to count on contents like this that help you to know which is the best.

That way you will make a conscious choice that will bring you peace of mind in knowing that you have chosen a finish that you like and that is in accordance with what you want to build within a given space..

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