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Brasil / Portugal. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.
Brasil / Portugal. Photo: Reproduction / MF Global Press.

Portugal is an example in the pandemic of the new coronavirus and is now in high preference among those who wish to leave Brazil

Portugal has been an example in combating the pandemic compared to the rest of the world. With the pandemic of the new coronavirus practically under control and living a plan of deflation while countries like the United States and Brazil have become the epicenter of the pandemic, Brazilians' interest increases in going to live in this European country, which also offers quality of life and safety, which places it among the four least violent countries in the world.

Considered the new paradise for successful Brazilian artists and entrepreneurs, more and more are those who fall in love with the country and decide to live in Portugal. celebrities like Luana Piovani, Mallu Magalhães, Joana Balaguer, Paola Oliveira, Adriana Calcanhotto and Giovanna Antonelli already live in Portugal. However, the country of Camões also attracts anonymous people who dream of the possibility of having better living and working conditions abroad.

The Doctor. Anselmo Ferreira Melo Costa, lawyer and CEO of FMC consultancy, immigration law specialist, account because many Brazilians have sought Portugal to live. “Both those less financially and those who are looking to rebuild their lives have seen Portugal as a safe haven. It is not necessary to learn a new language to immigrate and live here and it has an immigration policy favorable to Brazilians, especially qualified professionals and entrepreneurs looking to enter the European market ”, highlights.

Anselmo Costa, who is a consultant and lawyer and provides legal advice to newly arrived Brazilians seeking to live and work legally in Portugal, reveals that the country is not open to receiving only Portuguese descendants or those who already have Portuguese citizenship: “It is possible to live in Portugal even without having Portuguese ancestry. The residence permit issued by the SEF (Foreign Service and borders) it is not something exclusive for Europeans and their descendants. Criteria met, Brazilians may have Portuguese documents and even the Citizen Card, which is equivalent to the RG here ”.

Considered Europe's gateway, has reached the highest numbers ever and almost 200 thousand Brazilians live legally in Portugal, according to SEF data.

What are the main documents that need to be obtained to live in Portugal?

NIF (Tax Identification Number): Also called Taxpayer Number, it is equivalent to the CPF in Brazil. The TIN is necessary for everything in Portugal: whether to rent a property, open bank account, shopping or reporting taxes. It is basically a code that the government of the country attributes to each of its citizens. In this way, Finance in Portugal and the Federal Revenue Service in Brazil can identify a tax entity in income tax returns, other taxes and financial transactions.

Social Security (NISS): Similar to the Brazilian social security system, o NISS (Social Security Identification Number) is awarded when you have an employment contract or when you start a business in Portugal, be it single-person or collective.

Bank account: Unable to start activity (equivalent to MEI in Portugal) or perform some operations in Finance (Portuguese Federal Revenue Service) without having a bank account in Portugal. The account opening process is very bureaucratic and can be a real headache without consulting or someone to help you.. TIN is requested, proof of residence, proof of income and copies of personal documents at most banks.

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