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Art in Dialogue Project - In Quarantine, Flyer. Disclosure.
Art in Dialogue Project - In Quarantine, Flyer. Disclosure.

Award-winning artist couple Feres Khoury and Luise Weiss launches video on MNBA project this Friday, 13 November, at 4:00 pm

Family memories and the imaginary of tradition are some of the themes developed by the award-winning couple of artists Feres Khoury and Luise Weiss. Now, the individual process of creating the pair can be checked out this Friday, 13 November, at 4:00 pm, video to be launched at the Arte em Diálogo Project - In Quarantine, and shown on social networks at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Feres Khoury circulates through the Arts, Architecture and Design, with an emphasis on painting, engraving, artist and engraving books. Born in Urupês(SP, 1951), the artist has a degree in architecture, with a PhD in Visual Poetics from the University of São Paulo. He is currently a free professor at USP.

His scientific research focuses on the relationship between image and text, artist books, presented in the form of handwriting, monotypes and related techniques, thus provoking a rich imaginary inserted in the tradition and in the dialogue of the image and poetic text: a poetry interacting in the image.

Feres frequented Luís Dotto's ateliers, Hiroshige, Sérgio Fingermann and Rubens Matuck. From the years 1970 participates in exhibitions, in spaces such as MAC-USP, MASP, Itaú Cultural(in SP), Santander Cultural(RS), and Imperial Palace(RJ), as well as in Italy, Argentina, Holland, USA, Portugal, etc.

Award-winning artist, having produced several publications, Feres Khoury produced works that complement collections such as those of the Museum of Contemporary Art-USP, MNBA, MASP, Itau Cultural Institute and MAM-SP.

Meanwhile, your wife, a artista Luise Weiss, teaches graphic language – drawing, engraving and photography – in undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), being a free professor in Visual Poetics at UNICAMP.

Visual souvenir collector, she prints in her work expressive fullness, starting from its own history, traveling in search of its origin, not to reconstitute it, but to bring the image to life and make it visible and tangible.

The recent works of Luise Weiss demonstrate her expressive fullness and deeply affect us. His visual thinking crosses several domains: engraving, photography, drawing and painting, “found” and reconstructed object.

Luise from São Paulo traces a path back to Central Europe, chasing evidence of family memories. Let yourself be guided by the saved images, itinerates through the sites recorded in the old photographs.

Between individual and collective, his works have already been exhibited in spaces in Brazil and abroad, like the Unicamp Art Gallery(SP), at MASP and Pinacoteca Station(both in SP), at the Holocaust Museum in Curitiba(PR), etc.

The National Museum of Arts / IBRAM, developed the Arte em Diálogo project – In Quarantine, to provide contemporary artists and civil society with an affective and reflective interaction, in this difficult time of social isolation.

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