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English teacher launches free e-book on visual arts vocabulary

We live in a globalized world where most of the communications that cross national borders take place in English. In the professional sphere, being able to communicate in that language has long ceased to be a differentiator; being able to exchange knowledge with peers from all corners has become essential not only for growth, but also to guarantee the permanence in the job market.

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This reality leaves those who work with visual arts in Brazil in a very complicated situation: great opportunities are abroad or come from it, but there are no materials or courses covering the English used in this area! After having seen the harmful effects of this problem on the career of many acquaintances, Samuel Thanks, an English language teacher from Rio de Janeiro, decided to use his strong connection both with the language he teaches and with art to fill this pedagogical gap. He created a study program geared to the needs of students and arts professionals.

To create this program Samuel took his own trajectory as a base, since it has always reconciled working in schools with working in cultural spaces. As a teacher, worked in traditional courses and with in company classes; already as an agent of culture, worked in institutions like museums and art galleries.

In this moment of difficulty and uncertainty, where our society is quarantined, the best way for people to spend time at home is to improve their skills. It was with this idea in mind that the teacher decided to download his e-book “English for the arts” for free download. There are more than 200 art terms translated into English.

The content of the digital book focuses on learning specific vocabulary because, second Samuel, this is one of the biggest obstacles for Brazilians to be able to talk about art in English. The file can be downloaded through the link inglescomsamuelart.wixsite.com/meusite , while its author can be contacted by Instagram on the profile @inglescomsamuel.


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