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#projtete displays Origin: Ethiopia by Daniel Taveira. Photo: Daniel Taveira.
#projtete displays Origin: Ethiopia by Daniel Taveira. Photo: Daniel Taveira.

#projectearte: in search of people

#projectearte, now with two official points of external projection in the city of São Paulo, Displays Source: Ethiopia from Daniel Taveira with reliable representations of human diversity, abundant in colors and shapes: “The cradle of the world was being sculpted and exploded in my imagination with this series where I tried to extract the best of the beauty of the breeds”. There are more than 10 years residing in Mexico, Nadine Markova's disciple creates his imagery records, always looking for the decisive moment where the lenses record the details of everyday life built with lights, colors, forms, expressions and emotions. “Seeing the important part of the creation that he represents in the Ethiopian people is a tribute superior to everything that humanity has done and built in recent times. Whenever I close my eyes they appear, unusually in my mind, and flood my heart. And what I really want, is to eternalize in Source: Ethiopia the stories of each of these beings ”, define Daniel Taveira.


Faithful to the concept of allowing contact with relevant artistic events to an increasing portion of the public that does not frequent galleries, museums and other places of exhibitions and cultural events, also transforming the public space into places of contact with creative and artistic expressions, to Zero Gallery – Tainara and Pedro Paulo Afonso and INC Photography Julie Schlossman and Monica Paes, present a new exhibition. Keeping the original format, the exhibitions are projected in public spaces with links provided, at the same time, on the project page (www.galeriazero.com.br/projetearte). This selection of works will be projected on buildings in the city with easy visual access, in places to be informed, at the same time that a link to the show is made available on the project website so that the public can watch, design externally or within your own environment, the works of this edition's artist. “Today's refuge is the windows, the door to the world, where you can feel the wind, where the light comes in, the smells, and we can see people, the few who still walk alone on the street ”, comments Monica Paes. The projection has an estimated average time of 15 minutes and its frequency is weekly. The agenda will be available both on the website and on the project's social networks #projectearte.

“It is a movement that, using the internet, creates a network of developers who work so that art reaches its neighborhood, using the available equipment and disseminating artistic content around you ”, explains Pedro Paulo Afonso.

Aware that, after the approach, coexistence is necessary for art to become part of people's daily lives, #projectearte asks and encourages everyone with whom it has contact to also become disseminators of culture, designing the parts to which it has access.

“Throughout the history of Humanity, art fought wars, epidemics, pandemics and saved thousands of people from the loneliness of their memories ”.

Julie Schlossman and Monica Paes

Artist: Daniel Taveira - ORIGIN: ETHIOPIA
Date: 05 June 2020 - Friday - 8pm **
Official Projections: São Paulo: São Paulo Museum of Sacred Art (Av. Tiradentes, 676 -Light) and Minhocão (High Pres. João Goulart - Santa Cecília)
Coordination: Julie Schlossman, Monica Paes, Pedro Paulo Afonso, Tainara Riberio Afonso
Realization: Zero Gallery, INC Photography, Balady Com.
Institutional Support: Museu de Arte Sacra de São Paulo – BUT/SP, The Photo Gallery, Global / GQM
Contacts: @projectearte
WebSite: www.galeriazero.com.br/projetearte
Instagram: @projectearte
*the agenda for the coming weeks includes photographs of: Affection in the Can, Fabiane Aleixo, Júlio Bittencourt, André Cunha, Andrea Fiamenghi, Oskar Metsavaht, Monica Paes, Paulo Leite, Christian Cravo, Mario Cravo Neto, Willian Baglione
**projections will always be made on Fridays, às 20hs. Streaming link available on the website and social media @projectearte


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