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MNBA's Art in Dialogue Project returns with renowned artist Lydio Bandeira de Mello, day 18 June 6th

Resuming the Art in Dialogue project – In quarantine, the National Museum of Fine Arts/Ibram exhibits on Friday, day 18 of June, from 16h, a video with artist and teacher Lydio Bandeira de Mello, emblematic name of modern Brazilian painting.

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Art in Dialogue is featured on the MNBA's social networks: Facebook MNBARio and Instagram @mnbario, with the exhibition of a video produced by the artist himself, showing its creation process and its trajectory, among other things.

At the age of 92 years, Leopoldina miner, Lydio Bandeira de Mello remains in full swing, having formed successive generations of artists in 70 year career, which includes participation in ten collectives and eight individual shows. His works have as a recurring theme the relationship between man and his environment and are part of several collections, like those of the National Museum of Fine Arts, with the screens “My brother Luiz” and “Peixe”. One of his best-known works is the huge panel of the Caixa Econômica Federal Cultural Center, in Rio de Janeiro, measuring no less than 268.8m².

Having been a student of masters such as Quirino Campofiorito, Edson Motta, Carlos Chambelland, and Marques Junior, the National School of Fine Arts, later Lydio was invited to paint the portrait of personalities such as Cardinal D. Eugene Salles, by the Minister of Education Clovis Salgado, of Monsignor Franca, which is currently found in the Sacristy of the Church N.. S. da Gloria at Largo do Machado in Rio de Janeiro, plus two famous frescoes in the Italian town of Poggio Bustone, that became the city's postcard.

In recognition of his legacy of dedication to art, in 1991, Lydio Introcaso Bandeira de Mello received the title of Honorary Citizen of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. The University of Brazil (today also called UFRJ) granted him Notorious Knowledge in 1964 and later, in 1982, the title of Doctor by Notorious Knowledge.

The National Museum of Fine Arts / IBRAM, developed the Arte em Diálogo project – in quarantine, to provide contemporary artists and civil society with an affective and reflective interaction, in this difficult time of social isolation.

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