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Art in Dialogue Project, in Quarantine, with Letícia Cardoso

Moving between gestures and records, always with delicacy, and enhancing what disappears or escapes, Letícia Cardoso's works are constituted either through the impotence of the record itself in the face of experience, be of the very nature of gestures, like the drawing the wave makes, undo and redo, the flame that goes out and the collection of the imprecise shapes of the clouds.

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And are some of these creations that the public will be able to go through in the launch of the artist's video next day 23 October, at 4:00 pm, on MNBA social networks: Facebook – MNBARio and Instagram – @mnbario, within the Arte em Diálogo project - In Quarantine.

Letícia Cardoso, from Santa Catarina, lives in Florianópolis, graduated in Fine Arts at UDESC, holds a Master's degree in Visual Poetics from UFRGS and a PhD student in the Postgraduate Program in Visual Arts, of UDESC, where she works as a collaborative painting teacher.

Leticia participated in the 32 Panorama of Brazilian Art (2012) no MAM / SP, awarded the Iberê Camargo Exchange for artists, em Austin, Texas, partnership with the Blanton Museum of Arts / University of Texas (USA, 2009); was selected by the Rumos Itaú Cultural Program in (2001/2003), he also integrated several collective and individual exhibitions such as the one he held at the Victor Meirelles Museum, in Florianópolis (2006), at the Lagoa da Conceição Farm (2017), SPA das Artes residence in Recife (2008), at the Curitiba Biennial, in a commemorative exhibition of 70 MASC years, Museu de Arte de Santa Catarina, and others throughout Brazil and abroad.

The artist founded and coordinated the Archipelago, independent contemporary art space in Florianópolis, that worked between 2008 and 2010. Worked at the Victor Meirelles / IBRAM Museum 2013 to 2015, among other activities.

The National Museum of Fine Arts / Ibram develops the project Art in Dialogue – In Quarantine to provide contemporary artists and society with an affective and reflective interaction, in this difficult time of social isolation.

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