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Four books based on real history for you to read later this year

Meet some authors acclaimed by national literature

This year that we are living, it was a very difficult year and was taken by many losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that took us by surprise, making us face a great challenge: social isolation. However, many managed to find themselves within the literary universes, which reflected in the increase in book sales. Researching the importance and fascinating narratives that are inspired by real stories, we separated four titles for you to read later this year.

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Between tears and a doll, by Lya Galavote

We will follow the life of Ana, an alcoholic woman who due to her addiction, puts your family at risk, leaving your daughter Luiza only 11 years, moved and full of challenges, but with the hope of one day meeting his mother again. The main subjects covered in the plot are alcoholism, domestic aggression and unconditional love between mother and daughter.

About the author: Born in Mogi das Cruzes, but always lived in São Paulo, where he learned everything he knows. Mathematics and Early Childhood Education Teacher, dedicates part of the day to writing. At the age of nine, wrote his first short story, while traveling with a pink elephant on a boat down the Tietê River, in search of fun in an old large park located on the banks of that same river. From there, noticed that many characters created life and stories in their imagination, which led her to never stop writing. Today, shares his free time with his family, friends and the readings and writing of novels he loves to be moved.

From Jabá to Caviar – A story of Overcoming, from Valdez Braz

When I challenged my own being by determining that we can do much more than what we are used to seeing or what we are living with, I radically changed my life! I left the comfort zone of mediocrity, then I stopped wanting and dreaming and started to act and face the challenges that life provides so that my dreams would stop being abstract and become reality. Get ready for, with reading these pages, be moved and inspired by this journey.

About the author: Was born in 1977. Founder of TECFAC, came to São Paulo as a teenager in search of better living conditions. Currently lives in Barueri with his wife and daughter. “From Jabá to Caviar” is his debut book and promises to thrill readers with an incredible story of overcoming.

Time to (im) perfection, by Lilian Vaccaro

We will have the chance to meet and follow the trajectory of an incredible woman, who went through very difficult times in his life, being rejected for her appearance when the gap was capable of much and her giant heart. A companion wife, a loving mother, a spectacular teacher who found a big cocoon in her life, but that by accepting and going through its great transformation it became a beautiful butterfly, that we know and admire today, the author herself.

About the author: Graduated in Teaching and Literature, always liked to teach and did it during 14 years. It is known as, to winner, but I'm still Lilian, who is a daughter, mother and wife, with a lot of story to tell and an immense desire to make others happy, making your own dreams come true. It's a new woman, happy and very accomplished. She is the editor-in-chief and owner of Editora Coerência, responsible for editing your book. A new achievement in your life. Learned that life depends on dreams and good deeds. Today you know how good it is to transform or mark a life that crosses our path.

Once again you, by Rosineide Oliveira

It is an account of the author's life and how she found her true love.

Rosi's dream has always been to find her true love in someone, however, it didn't happen so easily. She had to face a lot and survive many conflicts until she met her soul mate. When that day came, just when her eyes met his, he felt he had found what he was looking for. They both knew there was something much bigger than they could explain.. It narrates the trajectory of two people who had everything to live for each other.

About the author: Was born on 18 th July 1969, in the city of Paraná Camargo Doutor. Had a happy together with his other ten brothers. From an early age he learned to cook and always helped his mother. Besides loving cooking, Rosi loved to teach and for this reason she entered college to become a teacher.

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