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Maria Machado-Roel decorator. Photo: Disclosure.
Maria Machado-Roel decorator. Photo: Disclosure.

Fifteen tables and Gourmet Ponteio

Mall features environments with special touch of renowned meseiras.

How nice to receive dear friends and family at home. Whether for a dinner, lunch or coffee, good is to split time with the ones we love and put up. All this becomes even better when we face a beautiful table. Thinking about it, the Ponteio Lar Shopping (Highway BR-356, Ponteio Lar Shopping 2500 – Santa Lucia) performs, until day 15 July, "Half of the table and Gourmet".

A select group of architects and decorators created spaces that will give all the tables, the big stars of this show. The team of professionals is part of Group of advantages of mall, the Privilége Ponteio. Are they: Estela Netto, Luciana Cato, Marco Tulio Candian, Patricia Pires, Sreya Diniz, Sheila Mundim, Isabela Canaan and Maria Roel Machado.

To give all charm for the tables, the Ponteio Lar Shopping invited meseiras and influenciadoras specialized in digital editing and composition of a table, are they: Monica Lipiani, Luciane Sallum, Patricia Alani, Marcela Ferrari and Adriana Lanari.

For Marcella Ferrari, in the market of decoration of events 10 years ago and one of the meseiras of Ponteio Lar Shopping, pleased to receive at home should start with the table. "The time to decorate the table to receive worth mixing bowls, dishes and objects. I love give new utility for parts. For example, the pitcher of water can turn to a beautiful vase flower arrangement ", explains.

The table decorated by Marcela, in partnership with Jose Ribeiro, the atmosphere created by interior designer Lucy Diniz, that follows a trend more vintage, and recalls the 50. The decoration of the table runs away from obvious and has a curtain of orchids from Farm Joy, with dishes clean the Tool Box.

Dênia Diniz – decoradora. Foto: Divulgação.

Sreya Diniz-decorator. Photo: Disclosure.

Luciane Already Sallum, Patricia Alani and Adriana Lanari adorn the tables of the environments that are signed by Patricia Pires, Marco Tulio Candian and Sheila Mundim. According To Adriana Lanari, each environment has a decorating style and tables make up and harmonize with space.

"There are three environments. One has the laid-back decorating, inspired by a tropical terrace. The other is very cozy and full of charm and elegant table decoration, with stripped. The latter is a balcony and the table set is for a couple with chic style stripped. The tables have products of La Ville and La Cucina ", explains Adriana Lanari.

Monica Lipiani Already, It operates in the market of event decoration, gave your special touch to three spaces that make up the "Half of the table and Gourmet". She ornamented with flowers the tables of the environments that are signed by Estela Netto, Luciana Cato and Maria Roel Machado. "To give a particular charm made with casual floral arrangements. I worked with orchids, Succulents and foliage ", reveals.

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