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Fabiano de Abreu. Photo: MF Global Press.

“Social networking is not news site”, says the philosopher Fabiano de Abreu

In a virtual world in which many find themselves the owner of truth and reason, publishing what they want, what do you think, convinced and convincing, who saves and what saves is the press, warns the philosopher and researcher Fabiano de Abreu: “Only the press can set up what has been written is true or not. Therefore, this story that social media is killing the press is not true, we need the press to the credibility of the facts”.

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For him, the fake news happens only because there are those who pay attention to it. “There are those who read and pass on. Some like the confusion, of discord. There are those who are unhappy with their lives and spread discord becomes a response to society. It's so simple, to receive information, type about the same in Google and see if someone from the relevant published. If a news site has published credible”, says Fabiano de Abreu, who is also a journalist and press officer.

“At least it can take a while to be published, because the press clears the facts and only publish with 100% certainly. But wait and see if the information exists or not. Besides that, It is just another trick of social media. At election time, we have to be very careful with the fake news, first, reading, not believe before tasting. For information, It is relevant for, will be a news site”, adds the philosopher.

More about Fabiano de Abreu www.deabreu.pt


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