Regina Helou

Regina Helou é Artista Plástica.

Regina Helou is a Plastic Artist.

Regina M. C. Ferreira Helou

São Paulo – 1958.


  • Bachelor in Fine Arts – Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP – 1980
  • Contemporary painting – Professor Tuneu – MUBE
  • Contemporary painting – Professor Marlene Estamm – MUBE
  • Contemporary painting – Professor Paulo Whitaker – Collégio das artes
  • Contemporary painting – Professor Dudi Maia Rosa – FAAP
  • Drawing course – Prof. Dudi Maia Rosa – MAM
  • Dry brush paint technique – Luiz Solha

The Artist


Degree in Fine Arts from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado – FAAP, After going through the communications area I decided to devote myself entirely to plastic creation.

In 2002, with monitoring by the Plastic Artist Tuneu, I have adopted the geometry as a starting point for the realization of the artworks. Tending to constructivism and working with overlays, displacements of geometrical shapes establishing chromatic relationships , associated with the equilibrium sustained by the color domain. The overlap of these forms causes a strain unconscious through transparencies, creates striking effects giving rise to other geometries.

Around 2007, I started a new phase leaving aside the concept of precision of forms through more free traces, a painting less uniform creating a certain dynamism in the composition, but still maintaining transparency and striking colors.

For more than a year through classes with artists Paulo Whitaker and Dudi Maia Rosa dedicated myself to drawings and paintings on paper in order to let go of conventional forms structured, working with human figures, landscapes, objects, in a way more gestural and free.

163.Consider these two years between learning techniques and choices of which gave rise to a new phase where I use the photo as a starting point. Based on these studies then started a new understanding in the sight of the form, of matter and the elements in the process of creating the paintings between 2008 and 2010, where there are still geometric traces, but already seeking right abstraction in painting, while the figurative tending to another view image through a new painting technique - dry brush - being guided by the artist Luiz Solha.

This new series titled Postcard, are paintings in acrylic on canvas of images taken on trips. The choice can be fragments of landscapes, cities, streets, passing places, then moving to the process of preparing and processing image through color, distortion, focus to achieve a new vision to be transported to canvas through the dry brush technique that allows emphasize ways, cor and light spots, giving a certain photographic reality to painting.



  • 2002 – 1ª Mostra Atelie de Pintura – Mube – São Paulo
  • 2003 – Múltipla Arte – Espaço Cultural Bel e Fernando Macedo Designer – São Paulo
  • 2003 – 2ª Mostra Atelie de Pintura – Mube – São Paulo
  • 2004 – Panorama de Arte Brasileira – Livro – Casa do Saber
  • 2005 – Visions Géométriques (individual) – L’ Espace Quadra – Paris – FR
  • 2005 – ANNÉ FRANCE – BRASIL – Banco Société Générale – Paris – FR
  • 2005 – Le Brésil à Art au Garage – Paris – FR
  • 2005 – BTP. Banque – Paris – FR
  • 2005 – ILE DE RE – França
  • 2005 – Participação 18º Salão de Arte – Associação Comercial de São Paulo
  • 2005 – Integração exposição de Arte Brasileira – Palacio Soto Mayor – Lisboa – PT
  • 2006 – Exposição coletiva pintura / escultura – Poesia Visual – Centro Cultural Arronches – PT
  • 2006 – Exposição coletiva pintura / escultura – Momentos – Alenquer – PT
  • 2006 – Seleção e Participação de 3 obras – Exposição Chapel Art Show – SP
  • 2006 – Seleção e Participação de 2 obras – 38º Salão de Arte Contemporânea – Pinacoteca Municipal Miguel Dutra – Piracicaba – SP
  • 2006 – Exposição Coletiva – Camara de Cultura Antônio Assumpção – São Bernardo do Campo – SP
  • 2007 – Certificado de Menção Honrosa – 1º Salão Internacional de Artes Plásticas “Talentos do Brasil–Portugal”
  • 2009 – Exposição Fine Art Gallery – New York – USA
  • 2009 – Contemporary diversity – Ward – Nasse Gallery – New York – USA


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São Paulo – São Paulo
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