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Regina Velloso

Profile Regina Velloso

Regina Velloso is a Visual Artist.

Regina Velloso

Since 1980 participating in individual and collective exhibitions, halls, art auctions, in the State of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Portugal, Germany, France and USA.

Participation in Books, Magazines and Tributes.

Works in Collections: Fundação Julio Campos, Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro, UNIART – Associação dos Artistas.

Visual Artist – painter and ceramist.

Video of the Artist:

“The painter Regina Velloso search, in her canvases, what it´s not said: something that is suspended and whose quality we learn; but, the words remain insufficient. Who knows, the painting of Regina in the case of matters traditionally unspeakable?…

Paint for Regina is not only recreating, revealing on the canvases, through the movement, of colors and rhythms, the look landed in nature. She paints because she needs to speak what the vision captures, the mouth gagged, for a daily life sometimes petty, mutes. Paints to express what the heart feels in the privacy of nature. The need of this painting is greater when that reemerges, in the works painted, are flowers and leaves…” – Marília Beatriz de Figueiredo Leite


“The works of art, show the age of experience…

…Pigments cover the canvases, movements of brushes, coordinated by who is dedicated to the pursuit of a serious work, executed masterfully, Developer, a singular moment in the life of the artist.!” – Maria José Sanches


“Boldness and Freedom

Maybe it's a good definition about the artistic production of Regina.

Daring to seek within herself, the way to express how she feels before an object of nature: a plant.

Passion/creativity/expression, This is in my opinion, the dialectics of art, the dialectic of the gaze of the artist that penetrates beyond the pure form outside, recreating the depths of our beings brutalized by the looks they can't envision…” – Therezinha Arruda

Toward the truth

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