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Dig work of Ferreira. Photo: Walter Gonzalez.

Medellin records: Dig Ferreira in an unprecedented exhibition at Lookout 9 July

After a residency of one month in Medellin (Colombia), You Ferreira reaches the Lookout 9 July and resumes #DesenhoRegistro exploring new languages ​​with exposure Medellin Records

São Paulo, July 2018 – Dig Ferreira returns to São Paulo and opens on 12 this month with unprecedented exhibition Medellin Records in Lookout 9 July. The show is the new phase of its #DesenhoRegistro and work are exposed to the day 29.

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The project, originally developed from 2016 the streets and public spaces of São Paulo, as well as private events, is between the performance, observation and documentary action. This time, However, their work goes on to explore other languages, and “overflows”, as you like to stress, the boundaries of the brush, ink and paper. The exhibition takes place after an intense experience 30 days in Colombia, to treat da Galeria The House of Crafts, in Medellin.

“The experience with the city began to give much by hiking, which were becoming longer. And, in the end, Medellin was shown and presented me with the essence of the work we wanted to develop and did not even know”, account the artist.

Dig went on to develop collages with residential waste, garbage companies, materials abandoned on the road. Everything becomes part of that time record, in that city. But not only collages entered the new phase of the project, also explores clothes and turns this object identity and expression in document. Everything is design and everything is record.

More About Dig Ferreira:
Images of the works on the link – https://goo.gl/auxBXg

On the Lookout 9 July
More than a historical monument reoccupied, Mirante also cultural space with music, cinema and exhibition, a coffee shop and a restaurant. A meeting point for tourists, residents and workers in the Paulista region. Currently has operating your coffee and food made by Suplicy Cafés Special.

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Records Expo Medellin @ Mirante 9 July
Date: Between 12 to 29 July
Local: Carlos Comenale, no number, Beautiful View – São Paulo
Free Entry
Opening time: of Tuesday Sunday from 10 to 22 hours
More information on mirante.art.br


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