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Renattoo, Renato Oliveira


Renattoo, Renato Oliveira is an artist.

Renattoo, Renato Oliveira

The boy who, hanging in the window of the father's car, If enchanted with the signs plastered on the walls of cities, grew up and decided to give rise to creativity from a very early age manifested.

Although draw wildly all the time as long as you remember, just two years ago that his art has found place in screens, walls, commercial spaces and many other unusual and platforms, from this, called the attention of the most diverse audiences by his personality and uniqueness.

Renato Oliveira, 32 years, graduated in advertising for 10 years and with extensive experience in Graphic Design, before the art takes the Renattoo facet. With sprays, pens and inks by hand, transforms any environment with its urban trait unmistakable, inspired primarily by the universe of the tattoo and the illustration, having inevitable influence of graffiti, the Street Art and Pop Art mainly.

His trademark are black and white, merged between geometric shapes, urban elements, letters, traces, drawings… a plethora of symbols and shapes that make up scenarios now fun, now critics, always striking. Draws attention, given this unique universe and monochrome, the customary point of color that stands out, Although retain the richness of detail.

But depending on the proposal, the artist also adventure with a lot of tranquility in the midst of colours and textures. All of this makes your art – thorough and blatant -, quite characteristic and identifiable – not only with respect to the artist, but also with regard to human yearnings for information with creativity.

Bomba de Amor

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Osasco – São Paulo
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