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Circuit of Arts Botanical Garden. Photo: Disclosure.

Renovated, Circuit of the Botanical Garden of Arts celebrates 20 years

With traditional names and new bets,
event reaffirms the cultural program of the neighborhood

The Circuit of the Botanical Garden of Arts this year celebrates two decades of existence and reaches its 22 th edition. In the last two weekends of August in the days 18, 19, 25 and 26 (Saturdays and Sundays), the neighborhood will have colors, sounds and special flavors. With about of 100 confirmed exhibitors, as Doris Kelson, write Kolb, Sylvia ZOBARAN Design, Anna Luiza Trancoso, 28 spaces open their doors to receive plastic artists and small town farmers, Always 12h to 19h, in several streets in the area.

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Visitors will enjoy a nice walk in the neighborhood through the familiar streets Lopes Quintas, Pacheco Leão, Trail, Conde Afonso Celso and Garden area, and meet artists who exhibit their work, whether ceramic, sets, jewelry, Accessories, crafts, photography, painting, engraving, watercolor, stationary store, design or decoration. "A novelty that has come to stay are the collective footprint with sustainability, Unlike the case of the Collective ", explains Cattia Capistrano, producer and one of the circuit idealizing.

Gabriella Civitate, founder and one of the producers of the event, He says it is noticeable that the event is being renewed: "After 20 years, it is natural that artists cross by changes: now we have the collective and younger producers ", explains the artist plastic. She also recalls that the event has even 'exported' artists discovered by the event and already exposed to in Europe, Djenane as Pamplona and Aulio Sayão Romita.

Three stores of the neighborhood will be present with art objects and decor: Old Novo, Dimlux and Duilio Sartori Office, the latter having participated in all editions of Circuit. As long-time partners, the event also has several new features, as the Collective JB, one of the groups with more than 30 exhibitors. "The mix of artists is more varied, with different types of arts , of all ages and tribes ", Catto explains.

Other confirmed exhibitors are: three Potters, Nira Grillo, Zot Accessories, Dora Wainer, Gabriella Civitate Ceramics, Cattia Capistrano studio, Atelier House 30, Jaqueline Barros, Sonia Saraiva and students, Leticia Costa, Adriana Fitted, Studio 56, The Sun Crafts, Sylvia Goyanna and students, Sauer Dances, In.feite Accessories, Simek, Julia Flor, Claudia Fulchignoni, Marcia Tacsir Svartman, forging Office, specific Clothes, Cartoleria Thousand Leaves, Claudia Costa, Collective Artists' Village, Geisa Herrera, Atelier Matilde Carneiro, studio House 10, house Soma, Studio Potyguara, Joy, Lu Fazollo, Flai Shlow Fashion, Elisa Paiva Jewelry, Marisa M Portela Jewelry, It is what it is, Anna Arte Natural, Of Carla, MY Studio, Isabela Spinelli Jewelry, Vaniza Carneiro, Duo, Livia Coast Jewelry, Vanessa Fogel Jewelry, Gloria Helal, Tatiana Costa, BZZ workshop, ABBR, tit Mousinho, QRAFT and Atelier Art on Earth.

In addition to open spaces in the area to visitors, there will also be talk of Plant Biodiversity and Natural Cosmetics (Regina Affonso, PhD in cell biology), Introduction workshop to art and medieval philosophy (organized by Ione Manzali), Awareness workshop – Self-awareness and empowerment of Being (taught by Marcelo Perganin, yoga teacher and philosophy) and musical performances.

Restaurants Prana, Lorenzo Bistro, House Carandaí and DC Up Top suggestions offer special menus and discounts for the 13th Circuit Gastronomic. The presence of gourmet mobiles is also guaranteed, with partners Cellar and Craft Emporium St. Gerard, Can blessed bread and honey Rita, in shops and spaces of coworking.

And those who think that only adults have fun. The 8th Circuitinho will have activities geared for the children, with book launches, storytelling, office painting, music and alternative instruments and recycling workshops.

For the tour is complete, It will be the van service available, the amount of R $ 10.00 / day, that circulate through the neighborhood, going through all the workshops. The expectation is that over 10 thousand people pass through the circuit this year.

About Circuit of the Botanical Garden of Arts - The event was born with a vocation for success. In 1998, Circuit of the Botanical Garden of Arts was first held to honor the 190th anniversary of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, opening the workshops in the neighborhood to visit. With the creation and coordination of production and plastic artists Gabriella Civitate and Cattia Capistrano, the main objective was to bring together artists who had studios and galleries in the neighborhood, Circuit of the Botanical Garden of Arts is establishing itself today as an expression event to launch small entrepreneurs and turning increasingly to sustainability, becoming an irreplaceable part in the annual cultural calendar of the city.

Since 2009, as a way to add the event a social side and community, the circuit has been working with the children of Casa Maternal Mello Mattos, conducting workshops paint, drawing, ceramics, providing a better understanding of the art and culture.

Date: 18, 19, 25 and 26 August
Time: 12h to 7:00 pm
Local: Throughout the neighborhood of the Botanical Garden and Garden.
Value: Free
van service: R$ 10,00 per day.
official website and programming: www.circuitodasartes.com.br


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