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RIO by YOO rescues the memory of Rio through the history of the iconic Hilton Santos building

RIO by YOO rescues the memory of Rio through the history of the iconic building, from the former headquarters of Clube do Flamengo to the retrofit version of the luxury condominium

With 304 pages, edited by TIX and its Art and Creative Director, Anne Borelli, the book will have free print distribution for residents and free access on the websites: www.cyrela.com.br/imovel/rio-by-yoo-apartamento-flamengo-zona-sul-rio-de-janeiro-rj and www.anaborelli.com

The publication brings to the public the entire transformation process of the famous Hilton Santos building, known as Sede do Morro da Viúva, place frequented by big names of the carioca society, that after going through a phase of abandonment, turned into the charming residential building built by RJZ Cyrela.

The book release will be day 29 September, in a closed event and with Bianca Chami's pocket show.

There are many stories behind the walls of the historic Hilton Santos building, better known as the former headquarters of Morro da Viúva, of the glorious Clube do Flamengo, located in the surroundings of the listed Aterro do Flamengo. To rescue this memory, on 29 September, a partir the 19h, in Av. Rui Barbosa, 170, will be presented to the public and residents, RIO by YOO, the book that tells the story of the luxury condominium site and retrofit, enterprise built by RJZ Cyrela, a charming and contemporary residential building, which in the past was frequented by great names of Rio's society. The book is edited by TIX and its Art and Creative Director, Anne Borelli, who signs the text of the luxurious publication about the building.

Borelli is responsible for the research, content creation, graphic design, text and illustrations by RIO by YOO. Your fascination with the architecture and natural landscape of the Marvelous City, often abandoned, has motivated her to tell stories that many people don't know and that's why they don't value. His illustrations translate the magnetism of the city, increasing the desire to explore, to know and value the material and immaterial heritage that is sometimes not preserved. So, she has been publishing books that place Rio as the protagonist, as in "Rio de Janeiro Lost”(2019), about important buildings of the last century, that disappeared from the carioca landscape, in addition to the preservation of many other, that had a different purpose and were reintegrated into the carioca landscape;  “Sergio Bernardes Rio do Futuro” (2020), about the Rio de Janeiro do Futuro project published in the magazine Manchete de 1965, In addition to "MMM Roberto”, that tells the story of the best-known brothers in the history of Brazilian architecture: Marcelo, Milton and Maurício Roberto and “Saint Cristopher, imperial quarter”(2021), the first book in a series that will cover important neighborhoods in Rio, like flamengo, Botafogo, Catete, Glory and Center. Ana also signs the cover design of “Descarbonário” and “Silicone XXI”, of the journalist, TV and film writer and screenwriter, Alfredo Sirkis (1950/2020), with whom she was married and partnered for nearly three decades.

As a way to democratize access to information, RIO by YOO will have a free distribution to residents and free access on the website: www.cyrela.com.br/imovel/rio-by-yoo-apartamento-flamengo-zona-sul-rio-de-janeiro-rj and www.anaborelli.com

My affective memory of the building was fundamental for the basement of the iconographic and bibliographic research, the construction of the text and the editorial project. It was a dip in the past, of my surroundings and the character, what is the building, only, your architectural style, your stories, the phase from abandonment to rebirth. Constructing the narrative of a building is different from when we talk about a neighborhood, as in the book “Saint Christopher, imperial quarter”. It is a deep dive into its DNA and its transformations over time.. As a resident of Flamengo and a neighbor I had a different look and was influenced by my personal experience”, says Ana Borelli.

With 304 pages, RIO by YOO presents the entire transformation process of the iconic Hilton Santos building, its moments of glory and glamor in the decades of 1950 and 1960, when it was frequented by personalities from Rio society and famous residents such as actress Bibi Ferreira, who lived in 170 from Avenida Rui Barbosa. In the 1970, the place received a great concentration of artists and musicians, when the address served as the headquarters for the Clube do Samba. Great samba circles took place there in defense of Brazilian music. Then came the abandonment phase., when the building was invaded, until arriving at the current residential project, with facade retrofit, and common use areas proposed by the French architect and designer, Philippe Starck, first project for a residential building in Rio de Janeiro,from the international office YOO Studio.

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the participation of Rogério Jonas Zylbersztajn, Founder of RJZ Engenharia, director and general director of RJZ Cyrela, was decisive in the entire negotiation process of the project. In December 2017, the company bought the building and started the RIO by YOO project, one of the most contemporary developments in the Brazilian real estate market. Rogério Zylbersztajn passed away in October 2018, this being his last project. The enterprise launched two years ago with delivery of the keys in the month of September 2021, offers residents spaces that inspire lives, through architecture and urbanism, that reactivate the memory and history of the place with refinement, elegance, innovation, convenience, functionality, sustainability, security and accessibility.

The RIO BY YOO book is a great and delightful historical and visual journey through the Flamengo neighborhood and the iconic Hilton Santos building., until the arrival of RJZ Cyrela with the building's retrofit project. A gift not only for the residents of RIO by YOO, but also for all lovers of Rio de Janeiro.

And to tell this story with so much detail and passion, Anne Borelli – Carioca, resident of Flamengo and who lived many moments in the Hilton Santos building. Ana was also a personal friend of Rogério Jonas Zylbersztajn, Founder of RJZ Engenharia, director and general director of RJZ Cyrela.

RIO BY YOO was Rogério's last project, who died in 2018. And this book is our tribute to him., from Michel Gottlieb – General Director RJZ Cyrela.

In addition to the illustrations by Ana Borelli, Rio by YOO features archival photos from Jornal O Globo and a photo essay by Fabio Seixo, there are more than 20 years worked for magazines and digital channels, in addition to creating institutional videos, branded documents and content for companies. His photographs are impressive and record the phase in which the Hilton Santos building was abandoned., as in the featured photo taken from one of the windows with the “vendo” sign and the panoramic view of Aterro do Flamengo in the background.  

“In addition to doing an essay on this iconic building and its state of disrepair,, they ordered me too, take a picture of the view from each of your windows. So I can say I've been to every room in this building, I passed there 15 days going up and down those stairs, with the building without light and in ruins. On some days I would go up at dawn, with a flashlight illuminating the steps, to photograph the sunrise. Until one of these mornings I entered a room in the 18 walk and I realized that I had already been to a party there. It was the home of a plastic artist who made pillows with human shapes., and they were still there”, account Fábio Seixo.

There were pigeons everywhere, holes in the walls, it was scary, it looked like a horror movie. The first few days I couldn't sleep., until I started to think I was in a movie, but not the black and white ones of the years 50, it was more like Blade Runner. In one of the halls there were several Japanese characters painted on the walls., I found out later that it was an old dojo. There were old TVs, CDs and old computers and keyboards everywhere, It looked like a Hollywood set, but right there, in front of Sugarloaf Mountain”, says the photographer.

About Ana Borelli

art director, from creation, illustrator and editor, is responsible for research, content creation, text, editorial coordination and graphic design of publications by TIX Editora, in addition to producing graphic pieces and illustrations for other projects. She also works as a scenographer, researcher, curator and executive producer, in the visual arts sectors, audiovisual, visual identity, graphic design and creation of exclusive arts for diverse content. He was responsible for important projects such as architecture and scenography, plus store signage vintage by Drogarias Pacheco (Andradas Street with Buenos Aires in downtown Rio) and publications such as books: Rio de Janeiro Lost, Sergio Bernardes Rio do Futuro, Medicinal plants- Crop, MMM Roberto and Saint Kitts, imperial quarter. He is also responsible for the graphic design of the covers of the last two books by Alfredo Sirkis (Decarbonary and Silicone XXI), of whom she was married and partner for more than three decades.

It has a charming line of handmade stationery with your drawings (@anouskamarocs).   Some of these drawings were part of the opening of the Saia Justa Program, from the GNT channel, during 2020.

TIX Editora

The publisher together with IYÁ Produções Ilimitadas, are two creative companies, content, art and editing. Act as a small agency for projects, campaigns and publications, as well as art for TV and other media. The managing partner Ana Borelli is in charge of the development of all the projects, creations and illustrations. TIX/IYÁ produce books in the art segments, architecture and photography, graphic design and illustration focusing on Rio de Janeiro. From 2018, develops illustrations especially for publications.

www.anaborelli.com / Facebook: /tixedicoeseartes / Instagram: @tixedicoesearte @anaborelli



304 pages, TIX Editora

Author: Anne Borelli

Format: printed and virtual


Features unpublished illustrations created by Ana Borelli and the team at TIX Editora/IYÁ Produções Ilimitadas.

Available in:

www.cyrela.com.br/imovel/rio-by-yoo-apartamento-flamengo-zona-sul-rio-de-janeiro-rj and www.anaborelli.com


Date: day 29 September

Time: 19h

Local: Rio By Yoo, Rui Barbosa Avenue, 170, Flamengo, RJ.


19h - opening

20h – Book launch ceremony

20h30 – Pocket Show by Bianca Chami

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