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Work of Caio Marcolini, Cultural Center Post. Photo: Igor Franca.

Rio de Janeiro hosts the third edition of the Festival of the river Sculptures

With his first two edits performed successfully in the Federal Justice Cultural Center (2015 and 2016) and in Paris square, introducing the Shows River of monumental sculptures (2014 and 2016), with large sculptures, the Sculptures of the River Festival has been designing, passing the have new proposals and partnerships.

“In 2017, the Festival is bigger and novelties, has its exhibitions carried out simultaneously at the Centro Cultural Correios and Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. The idea is to grow and create a link between the museums and cultural centers of the river, having the sculpture as a link, promoting exchanges between artists of different generations, styles, materials, States and countries. In these exhibitions visitors make a stroll among the diversity, between iron works, coal, wood, Granite, Acrylic, resin, ceramics, among others”, says Paul Barry, curator and organizer of the Festival.

With your successful debut on the day 08, no Cultural Center Post, the show features sculptures by visitors 38 Brazilian and foreign artists in different techniques, materials and styles, occupying the entire second floor of the building. Citing among the artists the cariocas Marcelo Lake, Martha Niklaus, Caio Marcolini, Cris Cabus, Flávio Papi, Jung Sheldon and Renata Richard, the miners, Carlos Muniz and Madhu Souzanetto, the Chilean Lorena Olivares, the Danish Jesper Neergaard, the Uruguayan Boris Romero, among others. Still at the Centro Cultural Correios, in the post office Square, Roberto Cardim presents your monumental sculpture in iron 5,5 meters height and 36 m ² of base, accompanied by Sanagê Cardoso and Gabriel Fonseca.

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In the same week, Saturday day 11 the premiere was on November Museu Nacional de Belas Artes, with exhibition that introduces visitors to works of 20 artists, part of the collection of the MUSEUM selected for shows, and part composed by guest artists. Among the artists Alexander Rangel-RJ, Angelo Augusto Milani-SP, Anish Kapoor-India/England, Clarisse Tarran-RJ, Duílio Sartori-RJ, Hilton Berredo-RJ, Robson Macedo-RJ, Luiz Monken-RJ and Jorge dos Anjos. In this proposal, We are giving the public the opportunity to view or review important works of the Rico collection of the National Museum of fine arts that integrate the new guest artists of the Festival of the river Sculptures. We also highlight this shows, the sound sculpture of jazz band 5 in Co Maria and the intervention of Alexander Rangel, covering with sales the eyes of all the statues of molding MNBA Galleries.

– Complete list of artists on display at the Centro Cultural Correios:

Abner Salutiano-RJ, Alex Moreira-BA, Aline Matheus-RJ, B B Schmitt-RJ, Boris Romero-Uruguay, Caio Marcolini-RJ, Carina Bokel-RJ, Carlos Muniz-MG, Cecilia Ribas-RJ, Cris Cabus-RJ, Claudio Aun-RJ, Biju de Souza-RJ, Edmilson Nunes-RJ, Eric Collette-France, Fernanda Lake – RJ, Flávio Papi-RJ, Gabriel Fonseca-RJ, Giovana Zimermann-SC, Grasi Fernasky-RJ, Jesper Neergaard-Denmark, Jung Sheldon-RJ, Leonardo Etero-RJ, Lorena Olivares-Chile, Marcelo Gomes-RJ, Marcelo Lago-RJ, Martha Niklaus-RJ, Osvaldo Gaia - PA, Paulo Jorge Gonçalves-RJ, Renata Richard-RJ, Roberto Cardim-RJ, Robson Macedo-ES, Cardoso Sanagê - DF and Mazzei Teresa - ES.

– Complete list of artists on display at the National Museum of fine arts:

Abrahan Palatinik – RN, Alexandre Rangel-RJ, Anish Kapoor-India / England, Angelo Augusto Milani-SP, Antony Gormley – Inglaterra, Clarisse Tarran-RJ, Duílio Sartori-RJ, Niaz Ahmad-BA, Gianguido Bonfanti-RJ, Goncalo Ivo-RJ, Hilton Berredo-RJ, Ivan Navarro-Chile, Jorge dos Anjos-MG, Luiz Monken-RJ, Madhu Souzanetto-MG, Marcelo Lago-RJ, Pina Bastos-RJ and Robson Macedo-RJ.

The River sculptures Festival is giving fruits beyond our borders. Born in 2017, the Festival of Itinerant Sculptures, you had your debut in July at the National Museum of the Republic in Brasília and is currently in the Cultural Village Cora Coralina, in Goiânia (25 October to 31 January 2018), following to the Museum of contemporary art of Mato Grosso do Sul, in Campo Grande, in March 2018.

For the curator and artists is being a great joy to take the show to different cities, to different audiences. These trips also function as a camp for the knowledge new artists of different regions of Brazil, you will be able to integrate in the next editions.

From Rio de Janeiro to Brazil and who knows, to the World!


Cultural Center Post
Visitation: 09/11/2017 to 07/01/2018, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12:00 to 7:00 pm.
Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes
Visitation: 12/11/2017 to 25/02/2018, from Tuesday to Friday, from 10 at 18h.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 13 the 6:00 pm.

Avenida Rio Branco, 199 – Center, Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Curator and organizer : Paul Barry

paulovbranquinho@gmail.com (21) 98257 2027 / 96806 3591



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