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Rio de Janeiro hosts event on “Cinema and Post-Production: between Magic and Technique ”

The attraction will be free and completely open to the external public

Several film professionals will be present

From 10 to 13 November, from 10h to 19h, big screen lovers from all over Brazil will be able to participate in the Cinema Week, that will happen through the Instagram of the Cinema Course at the Estácio Tom Jobim Campus, in Barra da Tijuca. In this semester, because of the pandemic, all attractions will be remote and post-production will be the central theme of the event that is produced and organized by students from the institution that make Cinema and Audiovisual, under the supervision of Nucine – Cinema Course Core - by coordinator Flávio Di Cola and his teachers. The initiative is totally free and open to the external public, counting on lectures, workshops and debates about the seventh art. Cinema Week will also hold a Pitching, a script contest. Interested parties should access Instagram @nucinetomjobim, one hour before each attraction, to get the links.

Yuri Garcia (Film Teacher), Diego Yhamá (Colorista Master Trainner by DaVinci), Viviane Merlino (Designer and Teacher), Sabrina bogado (Executive Producer of Levante Filmes), Francisco Malta (Film and TV Screenwriter and Teacher), Monica Klemz (Documentary filmmaker and screenwriter), Eduardo Miranda (PhD in Literature and Professor), André Scucato (Editor, Director and Videographer), Cleber Correia (Designer, Master in Computational Intelligence and Professor), Teco Fuchs (Music Composer and Producer), birdie (Director of Studio Nova Onda) e Eduardo Halfen (Engineer, Designer and Former Visual Effects Supervisor at TV Globo) will brighten the meeting.

“Our target audience is young people, students from other universities and / or schools and interested in entering the film market. This initiative is a great opportunity to integrate the great professionals in the field of Cinema and the Academic Environment. Our big goal is also to awaken new talent ”, comments Flávio Di Cola, coordinator and professor of the Cinema course at Estácio.

Event - Film Week
Instagram @nucinetomjobim, access one hour before each event
On the 10 to 13 November
Time – from 10h to 19h


Day 10 November (Tuesday)

10h – Colorimetry – “How comic books conquered Hollywood: the technological show ”, lecture with Yuri Garcia;
15h – Colorimetry – “The magic of color in Cinema: Art and Technique ”, workshop with Diego Yhamá.

Day 11 November (on wednesday)

10h – Special effects – “New perspectives for the professional of Motion Graphics”, lecture with Viviane Merlino;
15h – Special effects – “Planning and producing post-production in Cinema: the final product challenge ”, Sabrina Bogado office;
19h – Special effects – “Pitching – script contest 2020! – Francisco Malta banking guests, Eduardo Miranda and Mônica Klemz.

Day 12 November (Thursday)

10h – Editing and editing – “Lightfield: the present and the future of film editing ”, lecture with André Scucato;
15h – Editing and editing – “Digital video editing with Adobe Premiere”, workshop with Cleber Correia.

Day 13 November (Friday)

10h – “Music track: from silent movies to games ” – debate with Passarinho and Teco Fuchs;
14h – Cine Club: Debate - “Oscar's wrongdoers - The origin of the king's speech - guests Eduardo Halfen, Yuri Garcia and Flávio Di Cola.

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