Rita Caruzzo

Rita Caruzzo é Artista Plástica.

Rita Caruzzo is an Artist.

Rita Caruzzo

Plastic Artist formed by the Escola de Belas Artes of São Paulo. With courses in Art History at Mube/SP, taught by Master Ro Gonçalves.

Sculpture, Courses of Restoration of Artworks.

Minister Lessons of Painting at her Taller with children, special people, elderly and the general public, aims to disseminate as much as possible, how playful and creative is to practice painting, sculpture and put into practice the imagination that reverberates in our minds to get the desired success and show the importance of interacting our self with art. Paint what makes her fine, paint is what is meant without talking, in a word that's art. Art is the best form of expression and communication, everyone has a chance to make art with many materials and be happier with it.

A Mulher e o Mar de Rita Caruzzo.Participated in several collective and individual exhibitions, national and international, with artworks catalogued and various awards.

The important thing is to show the pleasure that art can provide us, how important it is to teach and learn constantly, put in canvas the dreams that never came out of the unconscious. Aims to bring art to the greatest number of people.



“My paintings have as trademark… The colors of the rainbow… The colors of Hope… I love to paint what makes me feel fine… Facts… Pains… Loves… The joy… I love to count cases… Painting portraits… I like to paint the chance… Like surrealism figurative… To let the imagination work… Of Communication… Through the Art.” – Rita Caruzzo.

Puro Amor de Rita Caruzzo.

See All the Artworks of Visual Artist in Exhibition in Virtual Gallery.


São Paulo São Paulo
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