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Robson da Rosa Soares

Robson da Rosa Soares é Artista Plástico.

Robson da Rosa Soares is a Visual Artist.

Robson da Rosa Soares

Robson is a self-taught visual artist and writer of speculative literature, inspired by the avant-garde movements, ideal neo and remodernistas and contemporary philosophies of existence and knowledge, as anti-realism, deconstructionism, absurdismo, falibilismo and holism, reaching a design philosophy and artistic movement which he calls “outroladismo” the combination of keywords “other” and ” side”. He seeks in his art cause the viewer to be thrilled not understanding the work – that has no particular meaning – and contradict the logic and coherence to explore your feelings and knowledge of the existence, which would be doubting the certainty and reaching other levels of feeling and emotion of mystery and fantasy, “knowing” the unintelligible, reaching abyssal regions of the human inner world, the other side to exist and to know; this process, almost spiritual and ritualistic, is called by the artist “Nirvana Head Rush”.

It combines elements of expressionism, surrealism, flash backs, asemic writing, spontaneous writing, daily, the ingenuity, silhouettes and stains, lack of synchronization and logic, marginal arts, primitivism, unusual themes, underground culture, psychedelia, utopias, dystopia and anachronism, criticizing society and making use of alternative resources, recycled and low cost. Starts works with premature ideas and allows artwork to go streaming through the subconscious so playful when composing.

His works do not follow a line aesthetic, particular technical or thematic, being your style in the relationship between the elements to the viewer to observe, interact, infect and mixing beyond appearance.

Robson defends the naive art, strange, spontaneous and free of interest, opposing the photorealistic art, the technicality, stereotypical beauty, the cultural capital, the commercialism, the scholarship, the anti- art, lust, ceremonialism and conceptualism. Expect new artistic movements arise that destroy the postmodern movements and act as Vanguards of the new century, a re-form of modernism to revive and continue with what he was built and, later, was practiced in poor condition due to anti- art, Dada and conceptualism. Thus, has sympathy with Stuckism, with ideas tangent to him.

He has an art education project entitled “Vanguardas do Século XIX”, teaching and working with children art forms natural and pure they practice, creating free works, experimental and authentic.

Robson lives in Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, and graduated in History, focused study values ​​of art, communication and expression in society.

Phoenix Forty Four Colors.

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São Jerônimo – Rio Grande do Sul
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E-mail: robsondarosasoares@gmail.com



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