Rod Pereira

Rod Pereira

Rod Pereira is a Visual Artist.

Rod Pereira

After working for more than 18 years as Illustrator and Concept Artist, for companies around the world, I decided in the last two years, fully dedicate myself to Fine Art.

Among all painting materials, the watercolor is what has more attracted me lately.

In 2013 participated in a group exhibition in São Paulo (Brasil), called “Keep Walking Dead”, where through my work, wanted to show parallels between zombies and society influenced by new technologies. Information about the exhibition this link here.

Obra de Arte de Rod PereiraRecently developed a project in partnership with my friend Charles Oak, where we have created a Facebook fan page called World War II Sketches. On this page, both us, as guest artists, published works about World War II.

The idea came from an interest I ever had in researching the background of World War II and as I had a son recently, started thinking what went through the head of the orphans of that period. Slowly I began to reflect this meaning in my paintings.

On the images posted on our Facebook fan page, chose to use only monochrome colors, in case shades of blue, for being a cool color, sad and beautiful at the same time. Through the composition of the scene, the use of light and shade and focal point, I try to convey softness, to try to mitigate some of the horror that was the second world war .

The result of the project is in link: de Arte de Rod Pereira

We will also participate in a exhibition scheduled for July 2014 in Forte do Rio de Janeiro, where we will expose these works.

I lived in Australia for two years and I believe that this period was very important in my decision to start a career in Fine Artist. During this period could meet amazing professionals and new painting techniques, both influenced and inspired me for me to follow this way.

My goal right now is to unite all the techniques acquired in work I did throughout my career and apply them in each canvas that I perform.

I feel that this is the right time to finally dedicate myself to my first and true passion, which was always the painting on canvas.

Obra de Arte de Rod Pereira
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