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Rodrigo Alexandre Martins


Rodrigo Alexandre Martins is a Visual Artist.

Rodrigo Alexandre Martins

Among the lines in black and white space there is a universe to be explored, ideas flow, the trace starts, thus born an artwork, from fluidity of ideas, between dreams and delusions, thoughts and reasonings.

Look at all or look for detail?

It's the little details that shape the artwork, as well as leaves forms a tree, a grain of sand that forms a beach, this is the central idea of ​​my work.

Visual artist almost 13 years, I was born in Pirassununga in São Paulo, where I did the first traces and organized the first exhibitions, moved to Maringá and lack of space to paint on canvas made me change for pens and papers.

Since the beginning I searched for materials that could translate my world, but of all materials none prevailed with such clarity as the pen, the simple and old pen. I remember as a child I ditched the pencil and drawing with BIC pen, the idea of ​​not being able to delete can be an interesting factor, think about the mistake as only a way that opened up unexpectedly fascinates me, discover something new in error surprises me and delights.

Never liked the idea of ​​using only one material, but went through a phase where I thought the pen unfit for drawings, or an instrument used only for comic, maybe not to see pen drawings made by great masters. My prejudice that changed in 2007, the pen came along with changing city (from Pirassununga SP to Maringá PR) the fact of not being able to paint helped birth the idea of ​​drawing by pen, and got me in a way so strong that I abandoned all other materials for almost two years, experienced colors but what really stays was the black and white, and the resemblance to the picture attracted me increasingly, I opened the head to ancient periods of art history as African art, Greg art, Egyptians art and Indian art.

With the discovery of Indian art also came the discovery of psychedelic art, added to the surrealism, combined with the fashion and outstanding feature felt stronger that there were two ways, the pencil sketch, and direct the trace with the pen, with the sketch came the idea of ​​thinking in the composition of the drawing, as elements organizer, the simplest forms like square or triangle organizing design elements, so the architecture and sculpture became more interesting and Cubism began to become clearer. Without the pencil sketch comes freedom, discovery, the unexpected, direct message from mind to design creating an atmosphere close to illusions or dreams.

Later on, in 2009 was born "The Museum of Everything", a drawing made on three pieces of paper A2, which come together and form a room, in this large drawing added everything that happened at the time, the new influences, the stub, the form, and most importantly: the pen. The year of 2011 I returned to make large drawings, the large paper intimidates, but also inspires to do more and more to fill the spaces, put new forms, other faces, animals, almost theatrical elements, and in some cases even text. Personal revolution that resulted in two exhibitions: Museum of Everything (2008) and Multiple (2009). The pen was back to childhood, a return to time and a breakthrough, finally my revolution.

  • Course (APIS group) State University of Maringá
  • Exhibition "Multiples" Bookstore Maringá Park 2009
  • Exhibition Museum do Tudo SEURS UEM 2008
  • Exhibition Museum Of Fepasa Pirassununga SP 2002

Autodidact (self taught), Visual artist for thirteen years, work with illustration, drawings and paintings, lover of history and philosophy of art.


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Maringá – Paraná
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E-mail: rodrigomartins_934@hotmail.com



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