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Rodrigo Carvalho

Rodrigo Carvalho is an artist.

Rodrigo Carvalho is an artist.

Rodrigo Carvalho

Self-taught Artist, Rodrigo S. Ch, nicknamed Rodrigo Carvalho, Baiano has 35 years and navigates through the universe of art from the 7 years old.

The artist exposes her works in malls, Galleries, public agencies throughout Brazil and also in European countries, such as Switzerland, England, Portugal and Austria.

The Portfolio of the artist is in the style of Photorealism. This school is the name of a school of painting rafting with enough fidelity to the pictorial medium images originally obtained with a camera. The school began to flourish in the United States in the late 1960 as a derivation of the pop art and as a reaction to abstract expressionism. However, the artist expresses himself against any style or art movement.

The bias of my art cruises the reproduction of culture of African tribes, their relationships and inheritances bestowed in all Brazilian territory, more particularly in Bahia, In addition to representing everyday scenes of ordinary people also.

Latest Official Exhibitions:

See All the Artworks of the Visual Artist in Exhibition in the Virtual Gallery.


Salvador – Bahia
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E-mail: rocarvalho.art@gmail.com



  1. People, esse é o Rô! 🙂
    Trabalho altamente recomendado. Parabéns pelas obras de arte e por seu comprometimentohttp://t.co/mixxAC7VQM

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