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Rosana Spagnuolo

Rosana Spagnuolo é Artista Plástica.

Rosana Spagnuolo is an artist.

Rosana Spagnuolo

Rosana Spagnuolo, born in 1978 in São Paulo, Architect graduated from the Faculty of fine arts of São Paulo. Has always had an artistic eye since childhood.

As an artist made his first works, realistic in oil paint.

From 2013 felt the need to explore the mind and the intuition. Started a new phase based on acrylic paint, with material that has developed works that at first appear to enter to surrealism, by reason of the subjectivity of his compositions, but with an amplitude that makes it difficult to fit them into a specific style.

Homenagem à Van Gogh, Acrílico sobre tela de 70 x 100 cm, Preço: R$ 700,00

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São Paulo – São Paulo
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